SC-5 ePlus Cryo Treated Speaker Cable

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Enhanced “e Series” cable, featuring a dual run of SC-5, plus a single 28awg UPOCC conductor on the positive poles, forming an 11-gauge design. Deep cryogenic treatment, solderless, nano-fluid infused terminations, all conductive surfaces treated with Kontak. High performance, copper-based spades or locking bananas, durable Techflex sleeving. Single wire, or double bi-wire available. Hand built in the USA.


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Pushing the Performance Envelope

SC-5 ePlus offers the custom-shop look and feel of our SC-5SE, combined with the evolutionary design of our cryogenically treated “e Series”. A double, shot-gunned run of SC-5 gets a new twist, in a spiraled configuration designed to reject RFI. We also add a 28awg run of OPOCC to each positive pole for improved treble sweetness and greater bass control, midrange transparency, and more! Patented process deep cryogenic treatment with solderless, Nano Liquid enhanced connections at the cable / connector joints advance conductivity, pushing the performance envelope. Outfitted with high-performance gold or rhodium plated spades or locking bananas.


A double run of multiple stranded, silver-coated 14 gauge OFC copper conductors, plus a 28awg run of OPOCC to each positive pole forming an 11 connection per conductor, amp to speaker. Insulated with an ultra-low loss foamed Polyethylene dielectric, in a low capacitance design. Vibrational absorbing fill, and a durable midnight blue PVC jacket round out the design.

Connector Options


The Furutech FP-201 is an audiophile-quality spade featuring pure OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast), copper conductive materials and fits a 5/16″ post. Furutech uses a 4-step plating process of copper-silver-copper-gold or copper-silver-copper-rhodium, creating one of the finest conductive spade connectors in today’s high-end audio market. Furutech’s patented α (Alpha) process demagnetizes, and cryogenically treats the part to enhance audio signals for greater resolution, blacker backgrounds, and an improved sense of shape and scale within the soundstage. Choose FP-201(R) for a slightly more neutral presentation, or FP-201(G) to add a touch of warmth to your sound.


The Furutech FP-202(G) locking banana plugs are designed for convenience and simplicity. The mechanism easily and securely locks the part firmly in place on the post. This performance oriented banana features a high-tech three step plating of gold or rhodium over silver over eutectic cast copper. FP-202 are also stackable, so a second banana plug can be mounted on the rear. Furutech’s patented α (Alpha) process demagnetizes, and cryogenically treats the part, enhancing audio signal transmission resulting in greater clarity and resolution, blacker backgrounds, and an improved sense of size, shape and scale within the soundstage. Choose FP-202(R) for a slightly more neutral presentation, or FP-201(G) to add a touch of warmth to your sound.

Speaker Cable Feature Comparison

SC-5 ClassicSC-5SESC-5 eSC-5 ePlusStatement e
14 AWG Conductors  
11 AWG Conductors   
Silver Coated UHP OFC Conductors    
Hybrid Silver/Copper UP-OCC Conductors 
Techflex Jacket    
High Performance Furutech Spade/Banana    
Deep Cryogenic Treatment   
Solderless Nano Liquid Enhanced Wire/terminal Connections   
Kontak cleaner applied to conductive surfaces   


Conductors:Ultra High Purity, 99.999% Silver-coated OFC copper
Wire gauge:SC-5: 14AWG
SC-5e: 14AWG
SC-5ePlus: 11AWG
Dielectric:Foamed Polyethylene
Capacitance:19.5 pf/foot
Resistance:.0025 ohms/foot (each conductor)
JacketingDuraFlex PVC
Diameter:SC-5 Classic: 9mm
SC-5SE: 11mm x 20mm
SC-5e: 11mm
SC-5 ePlus: 20mm
72 hour Deep Cryogenic Treatment:SC-5 e, SC-5 ePlus


We can provide custom configurations with this cable and are happy to consult to help you find the best products for your system’s needs. You can get in touch with us by calling 619-255-6451 or by emailing us through  our contact form.

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I purchased a pair of these cables with a majority of burn-in done. They immediately woke up my system with a clarity & dynamic presence that exceeded my expectations! I have a 2-channel system, mostly playing vinyl. Regardless of the record, recording quality, or genre, the sonics were better than I had ever heard before! I had also auditioned a couple different manufacturers prior to adding the Audio Arts, which really made their impact even more impressive. I will look to add more AA cabling to my system in the future!
    I recommend you contact Rob to find the set-up best for you– I believe your ears will thank you!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Dear Rob,

    The SC-5 ePlus double bi-wire arrived on July 6, 2019 as promised. Excellent customer service through the purchasing process.

    I guess I am not an audiophile. I am always reading chats of audiophiles that are always changing components and tweaking their system to get closer to the live musical experience. My philosophy is that recorded music will never substitute for a live venue. Therefore, I do not change components often and do not pursue the endless journey of tweaks. I do pay attention to set-up detail such as vibration suppression, cable runs/positions, speaker positioning and system maintenance. Rather, I pursue software, both vinyl and digital, and sit back to enjoy the emotional experience of the recorded medium and performance, not attempt to continually pursue a goal that will never be. Therefore, I guess I am just a music lover. I am in musical bliss after installing your well-constructed speaker cables … and they look stunning in the gold jacket as well.

    I bought my system in 1996 and the core preamplifier, amplifier, turntable, and speakers have not changed since (Krell KRC HR with Phono Board, Krell KSA 300S, VPI TNT 3.0/JM Memorial 12.5/Benz Ruby, Apogee Cepheus 6 ribbon hybrid speakers, Richard Grey Power Conditioner, and a dedicated 20 Amp line with Pangea wall sockets). Over the years the only changes have been upgrades to the turntable/tonearm to current VPI technology, recapping the Krells every 5 years, re-tipping the Benz at SoundSmith and changes in the digital front end following state of the art technology (currently a Wyred4Sound 10th Anniversary DAC, a Linn Unidisc SC now only used a transport, and a 1 TB SSD MacBook running Audirivana). I have not changed cables as well (all 1996 vintage Goretz Alphacore silver interconnects and copper speaker cables). However, upon reinstalling the Krell 300s after recapping, I damaged the bi-wire Goretz AlphaCore M2 ribbon copper speaker cables. It is difficult moving a 185 lb. amp into position. I decided to upgrade to the bi-wire M-3 Divinity copper speaker cables. That cable with its low inductance made the Krell unstable causing oscillation and the protection circuit to trip. I have lived for 6 weeks with a single run of Symo with the original Apogee jumpers. The sound was grainy and edgy. Bass had no pitch and was boxy and exaggerated. Image density with thin. There was a glare in the 3-5KHz range affecting vocals. Then your cables finally arrived and were installed. They were cooked so there was no issue with break-in.

    I streamed Boz Scaggs Fade Into the Light on Tidal through Audirvana up-sampled to 384/24 on the Wyred. I was in awe. The most prominent improvement was the relaxed ease of the flow of the music. I cannot express how important this is to my enjoyment of reproduced music. The difference is similar to a well-engineered DSD vs. a poorly engineered Red Book CD. The emotion of his phenomenal voice was vividly expressed with a total lack of sibilance…his chest, throat, nose all evident. Also prominent was the improvement in rhythm, adding more to the emotion of the music expressed in this well recorded set. Apogee ribbons have always been recognized for their reproduction of the leading edge of the sound and dynamic nuances which are achieved from excellent transient speed and lack of overhang. The Krell equipment is also recognized for the dynamics from excellent transient speed. With the SC-5 ePlus between the two, the leading edge was more realistic. Not an artificial knife edge sharpness but rather with more of a realistic natural musical attack. The rhythm and emotion coming from the macro and micro dynamics and low level detail of Boz Scaggs’ vocals and the accompanying instruments had me leaning forward into the sound field. I also played Fleetwood Mac Future Games 192/24 Remaster up-sampled to 384/24 by the Wyred DAC focusing on the Women of 1000 Years and Sands of Time tracks. The accuracy, precision and musicality of Mick’s drumming was vivid (he may not be fast but his rhythmic accuracy and melodic drumming makes him one of my favorite percussionists). Image density was also improved. The image being palpable, liquid, and three dimensional with very good depth of field. Fleetwood Mac and Boz Scaggs’ band was wide across the soundstage with excellent image placement. The detail is phenomenal. Again, not artificial detail coming from an exaggerated treble or upper midrange but musical detail that is organic and integrated from the bass to the treble. The integration of the treble down to the bass is also a most notable quality of these cables. These cables speak with one voice across the whole range. The high end is extended but not exaggerated. Bells and cymbals have natural presence. I hear not only the cymbal but the wood of stick in Mick’s hand tapping rhythmically. The skin the pitch of each drum is accurately reproduced, not just a morose percussive attack with no detail or definition. Bass is well controlled. The bass has more evidence of pitch. It is easier to follow the bass lines because of this increased pitch accuracy. The bass is musically rich, not boxy or boomy. Timber is dead on. I cherish accurate timber. For example, with your cables playing the Boz Scaggs album I hear the body of the sax, not just the reed, for increased timbral accuracy. I then put on a more intimate natural recording, choosing a 44/16 burn of the Mapleshade Al Lee Ain’t Playing the Games up-sampled to 384/24 by the Wyred DAC. This is a minimally microphoned unmixed recording of exceptional detail and natural staging that was recorded using state of the art analogue recording equipment. The CD is well engineered with no evidence of timing distortions. All Lee was in my living room. The image palpability was phenomenal. On the second track, The Sacred Game, the body of the wonderful Martin guitar was rich and woody attesting to the timbral accuracy of these cables. His fingers running up and down the frets evident, the creek of his wooden stool easily discernible. On Come Away, each back-up vocalist was suspended in space in the back of the venue, each within their own space. The decay of the sounds in the venue evident. On Cartoon of Life, the differences between the National Steel and Gibson so evident as Al plays with Ben Andrews.

    Music evokes emotion. Music sounds natural, liquid and relaxed, not harsh, grainy, edgy or electronic. Your cables play music. This is the best compliment I can give you and the best way to describe your cables. This is the best decision I have made as a music lover, not an audiophile.

    Thank you.

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