Audio Art Cable USA

Our Story

In over 40 years as a high end audio hobbyist, I enjoyed strategically assembling cost effective hi-fi systems that offer overachieving performance. Having many years in the electronics industry, from selling audio gear in a Big Box Store to working on exclusive, high-level projects and custom installs, I knew that maximizing audio system performance could be attainable and affordable.

Regarding DH Labs as a personal favorite in the industry for performance & price, I consulted Darren Hovsepian on cable philosophy and potential architectural choices, and then contracted DH Labs to help design my products.

On the supply side, we contracted with extrusion factories who produce cable products for many high performance audio companies. These factories are committed to offer the very best available products. This has allowed us to easily design top-tier, exclusive cable products with performance characteristics tailored to meet the preferences of most high end audio enthusiasts. Because the factories were agreeable to bulk custom orders at great prices, it also gave us some latitude in our designs. With all of this, we are able to keep our quality at the highest levels, and our retail pricing where it needs to be to deliver on our mission.

In early stages, one of our beta-testers, a former manufacturer rep for a well known high-end cable line and a life-long audiophile, positively compared our $120/m IC-3 interconnect to their favorite $650/m interconnect! And when one of my first paying customers happily and permanently replaced an $800 interconnect for an IC-3 pair, I knew we were on the right track.

Audio Art Cable was formed, and opened its doors via the World Wide Web in March 2005.

Audio Art Cable USA