AAC Copper Cryo Speaker Cable Pair Gold Banana


Building on the success of our e Cryo Series cables, our new Copper Cryo Speaker Cables utilize the same patented process deep cryogenic treatment to stabilize the wire's molecular structure, enhancing conductive properties. In your listening sessions, this translates to pinpoint sound-staging, enhanced rhythm and pace, engaging dynamics, and articulate bass performance. Copper Cryo caters to hobbyists who prefer the natural and organic warmth a pure copper cable delivers, while maintaining a highly resolved character. Viborg’s precisely crafted VB-401(G) gold plated copper locking bananas offer a secure fit to your binding posts. Ultra-high purity, 4 x 14-gauge Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors at its core make for a robust 11-gauge single wire option, or an internally bi-wired 14-gauge option. Expertly terminated with a solderless Furutech Nano Liquid infusion, trickled down from our Statement Series cables, with all conductive surfaces treated post assembly with Kontak ECO3x. Fashionably finished with a durable Black Magic Techflex sleeving, AAC’s Copper Cryo Speaker Cables are hand crafted one pair at a time, with pride in San Diego, CA, USA.

Why cryo treat audio cables?


Our new Copper Cryo speaker cable features a patented process deep cryogenic treatment stabilizing the wire's molecular structure for superior signal conductivity. Cryogenic treatment of audio cables carries over to the listener’s experience as pinpoint sound-staging, superior rhythm and pace, improved clarity, life-like dynamics, and a well-tuned, robust low-end performance. Viborg’s premium high purity copper VB-401(G) bananas are gold plated for durability. Copper Cryo will provide years of trouble-free high-fidelity performance for your system.


With its VB-401 (G), Viborg offers exceptional banana plugs, with a design using exclusively high-performance materials. The contact material of the banana plug is Pure Copper, with copper being an excellent electrical conductor. Viborg goes a step further by offering a 3µ 24K gold plating. Gold contributes to the conductivity of the signal but above all protects the connector against oxidation, ensuring a longer service life. Featuring a triple plating of gold over OFC Copper, the locking VB-401 allows both excellent conductivity and an outstanding resistance to oxidation, delivering superb hi-fi audio performance.

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SC-5 Classic SC-5 SE SC-5 e2 SC-5 ePlus Statement e SC
Oxygen Free High Purity Silver Plated Copper Conductors          
OHNO Continuous Cast Hybrid 7N Pure Copper and Silver Plated Copper Conductors  
14 Gauge Conductors    
11 Gauge Conductors      
Musical Sounding Foamed Polyethylene Insulation          
Woven or Mesh Techflex Jacket        
High Performance Eichmann Technology Kryo Bananas and Kryo Spades  
High Performance Furutech Locking Bananas and Spades      
Patented Process Deep Cryogenic Treatment by Cryogenics International      
Solderless Nano Liquid Enhanced Wire / Terminal Interface      
Audiophile Grade Cardas Quad Eutectic Silver Solder      
All Conductive Surfaces Enhanced with Kontak ECO3x      
Custom Shop Assembly by Phil Martinez          

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