AAC Statement e SC Cryo Speaker Cable 4 Piece Jumper Set Specify Connectors

AAC Statement e SC Cryo Speaker Cable 4 Piece Jumper Set Specify Connectors


Statement eSC 4 Piece Jumper Set for Bi-Wire Terminals

As an upgrade from the rigid, brass-based jumper rods commonly included with your speakers, a speaker cable jumper set that mirrors the geometry and design of your speaker cables can provide a significant upgrade path for your system’s performance. Jumpers are also a more value-oriented solution vs. a double bi-wire speaker cable pair. A jumper set is also a preferred performance option, in our option, rather than reducing the cable gauge with an internally bi-wired SC pair, when used with full-range loudspeaker designs. Internally bi-wired speaker cables remain a viable choice with restricted low-frequency, small monitor speaker designs. Set includes 4x jumpers, one for each L/R +/- speaker terminal.


Single Crystal, OHNO Continuous Cast wire at 99.99998% pure, 8 conductors, StarQuad architecture, and a center PVC ventral cord, featuring multiple strands of differing diameters. Foamed polyethylene dielectric. Four 17 AWG conductors per channel make an aggregate 11-gauge single wire speaker cable, or a 14 AWG for bi-wire. Three layers of PVC CL3, a vibrational absorbing fabric wrap, and an exterior layer of PVC round out the design’s exterior jacket.

SC-5 Classic SC-5 SE SC-5 e2 SC-5 ePlus Statement e SC
Oxygen Free High Purity Silver Plated Copper Conductors          
OHNO Continuous Cast Hybrid 7N Pure Copper and Silver Plated Copper Conductors  
14 Gauge Conductors    
11 Gauge Conductors      
Musical Sounding Foamed Polyethylene Insulation          
Woven or Mesh Techflex Jacket        
High Performance Eichmann Technology Kryo Bananas and Kryo Spades  
High Performance Furutech Locking Bananas and Spades      
Patented Process Deep Cryogenic Treatment by Cryogenics International      
Solderless Nano Liquid Enhanced Wire / Terminal Interface      
Audiophile Grade Cardas Quad Eutectic Silver Solder      
All Conductive Surfaces Enhanced with Kontak ECO3x      
Custom Shop Assembly by Phil Martinez          

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