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Okki Nokki One

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** We are hoping to have more Okki Nokki One stock in late February. 

In the interim, please see the Nitty Gritty Record Cleaning Machines we have in our store.  

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The Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine is an exceptionally well-designed, fully-automatic machine designed for the thorough and careful cleaning of all vinyl records.

The Award Winning Okki Nokki is a quality product designed in the Netherlands and consists of a heavy-duty motor/turntable and vacuum system encased in a compact aluminum chassis. The motor function provides for ultra-quiet forward and reverse operation. When used with the supplied goat hair cleaning brush, the forward / reverse turntable motion allows for extremely effective groove scrubbing.

Here is a features rundown:

  • Single control button / extreme easy in use
  • Bi-directional full size 12 inch platter
  • AND includes label size platter
  • Record clamp with label cover and single adapter
  • Extremely silent and powerful vacuum system
  • Waste fluid reservoir with level indicator.
  • All-in-one vacuum arm 12 inch / 10 inch / 7 inch records can be cleaned
  • Goathair brush, one liter record cleaning fluid
  • Includes beautiful, quality dustcover

Record Cleaning Fluid: Proprietary formula brings dirt to the surface for easy removal .50mL Concentrate makes 1L of cleaning fluid when added to distilled water.

Alminium Record Clamp: Precision-milled aluminum holds records securely in-place during cleanings.

Dust Cover: Covers and protects Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine when not in use.

Goats Hair Record Cleaning Brush: This brush features two rows of goat's hair. and the luxurious wooden handle makes cleaning large collections comfortable. These naturally anti-static bristles prevent static build-up common with other brushes. This tour-de-force of deep clean goes bristles first into record grooves to lift dirt and grime. Can be used with Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Fluid and Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine.

Wood Record Cleaning Brush: An exceptional dry cleaning brush for in-between wet cleanings and dustings.

Velvet Strip Set: Set of 2 (two) replacement velvet strips for cleaning machine vacuum arm. These ensure a tight vacuum seal for maximum dirt removal, and should replaced after cleaning 50 records.

RCTN-7 Vaccum Tube: 7" Plastic Vacuum Tube. Permits cleaning of 7" records (45 RPM).

RCTN-10 Vaccum Tube: 10" Plastic Vacuum Tube. Permits cleaning of 10" records (78 RPM).

RCTN-12 Vaccum Tube: 12" Plastic Vacuum Tube (standard). Permits cleaning of 12" records (33 RPM).

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