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An Over Achiever

“A very high quality cable at a reasonable price. By high end standards, this cable has a price far below the highly marketed brands. In my application the cable easily performs at a very high level. Audio Art provides excellent products and value with great customer service.”
- Verified review by Edward S.

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AAC HPX-1SEHeadphone Cables

Upgrade to an Improved Level of Performance

“Rob Fritz’s headphone cables are every bit as solid and commendable as his speaker and interconnect wires.”
- Srajan Ebaen,

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audio enthusiasts

From our Flagship Statement Series to our award-winning Classic Series, Audio Art Cable has high performance cable solutions for any home or pro-audio enthusiast’s system. We are committed to offering the best value and the best performance choice at any price level and are available to help you make the best decisions for your system.

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High-End Speakers for home audio NEVER sounded this good until now. I was floored.

Jay Soulsik
Jay's Iyagi

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We are here to help you make the best choices for your system. Cables do make a difference and deserve some thought as to best choices. Many factors enter in, including budget, your expectations, tonal preferences, the components involved, the room, and your goals. Check out our selections, and contact us with any questions.

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I strategically assemble cost effective Hi-fi
systems with overachieving performance

With many years in the electronics space, from audio gear sales to working
on exclusive, high-level projects and custom installs, I knew that maximizing
audio system performance could be attainable and affordable.