AAC-Classic Plus Double Speaker Cable Pair Gold Bananas


Classic Plus Double borrows the DNA of our best-selling Classic Plus speaker cable and ups the ante. Two runs of our award-winning silver plated, UHP OFC SC-5 cable twisted together, forming 11-gauge conductors, amp to speaker make it the perfect solution for audio enthusiasts looking for a quality heavy gauge speaker cable. It’s a perfect choice to connect high current amplification with full range speakers, at a price that leaves room in the budget for more system upgrades! DH Labs Gold Z Bananas, a stylish and durable Alex Tech braided cable sleeve, along with solderless Furutech Nano-Liquid infused terminations round out the design. Internal Bi-Wire option available (14 gauge conductors). Hand crafted one pair at a time, with pride in San Diego, California, USA. 


Classic Plus Double delivers a remarkable level of weight, body, dynamics, slam, bass extension and control, and exceptional overall performance. Classic Plus Double immerses the listener in a transparent, detailed, rich, and musically involving sound. AAC’s factory direct to consumer prices provide the discriminating audio hobbyist an alternative to boutique store cables sold with dealer mark-ups factored in. Compare this speaker cable to competitive models costing many times more.


The DH Labs Gold Z Banana speaker cable connector is one of the best sounding banana connectors on the market. Also known as a BFA, “Z”, or Sawtooth style Banana, this design is unique in the way it makes a near perfect connection between connector and terminal. The Beryllium Copper conductor used in the Gold Z Banana is housed in an Aluminum shell, offering fantastic rejection of EMI and RF radiation. Its strength and stability allow for multiple plug > unplug cycles without any deterioration in electrical contact integrity. Two termination screws allow for the solderless Nano Liquid infused terminations also found in our upline “e” and Statement Series cables, while securing the electrical and mechanical connection strongly.


Multiple stranded, silver-coated 14 gauge OFC copper conductors insulated with an ultra-low loss foamed Polyethylene dielectric, in a low capacitance design. Vibrational absorbing fill, and a durable midnight blue PVC jacket round out the design.

SC-5 Classic SC-5 SE SC-5 e2 SC-5 ePlus Statement e SC
Oxygen Free High Purity Silver Plated Copper Conductors          
OHNO Continuous Cast Hybrid 7N Pure Copper and Silver Plated Copper Conductors  
14 Gauge Conductors    
11 Gauge Conductors      
Musical Sounding Foamed Polyethylene Insulation          
Woven or Mesh Techflex Jacket        
High Performance Eichmann Technology Kryo Bananas and Kryo Spades  
High Performance Furutech Locking Bananas and Spades      
Patented Process Deep Cryogenic Treatment by Cryogenics International      
Solderless Nano Liquid Enhanced Wire / Terminal Interface      
Audiophile Grade Cardas Quad Eutectic Silver Solder      
All Conductive Surfaces Enhanced with Kontak ECO3x      
Custom Shop Assembly by Phil Martinez