Audio Art Cable USA


Hi Rob;

We just received the pair of 1-1/2 meter IC3-SE RCA interconnects. First I ran the Cardas Cartridge cleaner/demagnetizer LP through the system.

After 3 minutes of the Bruce Katz “Transformation” LP, my wife, Mary, who is known around the local airwaves on WMNF as ‘The Jazzmama’ excitedly explained ” THE SOUND IS INCREDIBLE!”. These are Mary’s exact words and she will type them, keeping in mind that we will get our heavily modded Art Audio Vinyl One phono pre back Friday. Can’t imagine what the performance level will be brought to.

Per Mary’s own typing:

The highs were amazing, the lows were fantastic — lots of slam, the background was quiet, the separation definitely there, all the little nuances came out clearly. During a drum solo, I got chills (twice! – no kidding); the drum kit sounded as if it was in the family room with me. Jon was typing this email while all this was going on, so I told him now we need to replay the Bruce Katz LP with him sitting in the sweet spot so he can experience this great sound. Then, next up Mingus’ “Ah Um” LP — I can hardly wait! Thank you so much!! ~Mary

Jon K. and Mary K. ‘The Jazzmama’ WMNF 88.5 FM, Tampa, FL

AudiogoN review


I want to report I have been very pleased with my SC-5SE cables. The single biggest improvement was a sense of greater drive or incisiveness to the music; the kind of effect associated with Naim electronics or some high efficiency speakers.

Regards, Barry D., Madison, WI

IC-3 Classic

Hi Rob, the cables arrived today, I appreciate the speedy shipment. First impressions of your workmanship, customer service, and friendliness are all positive. so far they already sound good. I can hardly wait for them to blossom. Thanks again,

Mark R., Camas, WA

Statement I power cable


The Statement arrived in good shape-mighty impressive. Hooked it up, ..opened up nicely in about 4 hours of play. A review on the Classic, power 1SE, and Statement 1 forthcoming. Great cables, thanks for making high quality affordable for the masses.

Link to more (attached Word doc)

Greg P., Seminole, FL

IC-3 Classic, SC-5 Classic

Hello Rob,

Received the order in excellent condition, thanks. Like many of your customers, I appreciate fine quality but unfortunately don’t always have the resources to obtain it. It is nice to drink champagne on a beer budget once and awhile. Your product makes this possible for us “normal guys”. If you ever find yourself in St. Thomas, look me up and I will buy you a cold beverage or two. Thanks,

Steve J., St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

power 1SE

Hello Rob,

Not surprisingly, the power 1SE improves on the Supra cord in all areas you can imagine. I now have a much more natural sounding system with better dynamics and transparency, more details, greater focus, better defined soundstage, tighter deeper bass, richer more saturated midrange and clearer highs.

So to summarize, I’m very pleased with my power 1SE purchase.

Thanks and best regards,

Stefan T., Gothenburg, Sweden

SC-5SE, power 1 Classic

Hi Rob,

SC5SE’s arrived yesterday. Just put them in the system, cold amp, new wire, but wow. Big improvement over the Classic SC-5’s. Depth, image specificity, musical details, are words that come to mind. Makes me wonder if there can similar improvement with the power cable I have coming.

And a follow-up a couple weeks later.

After a great two weeks in Europe with family and friends we’re back home.

p1 Classic seems to have hit the sweet spot in my system with a nice dose of musical detail and no edgy artifacts. I spent a few days listening before I left and it has been running for the better part of 3 days since our return. It has frankly sounded good from the first moment, and it continues to improve.

Bottom line for me is that the SC5SE and the p1 Classic have taken my Yamaha AS2000 amp up to a higher level than I thought it was capable of. Thanks,

Bryan L. Wakefield, RI

Custom SC-5SE Jumpers


I just last night got everything wired-up
Thank you so much for working with me to bring this project to reality. With the SC-5 cable connecting the two speakers the upper unit is getting the same clean, pure signal as the lower & Man Whoa, what a night & day difference they make.
They sound Wonderful, spot-on, period !!

Thanks again.

Marshall H., Signal Mt., TN

IC-3 Classic

Just started listening this morning. Initial impressions:

Taming the warm midrange with the Jamo C601 speakers. Bass is tighter. Improved detail and imaging of instruments. They are starting to sound more 3D like and are separating from other instruments in poorly produced tracks. This cable, after only an hour of play is improving upon these areas already. Cymbals and drum snares are more crisp. The Golden Gate by AudioQuest that these are replacing will be sent to a friend who is still using stock cables. 🙂

After the break in period is over, will file an additional report.


William W., Lexington, MO

IC-3SE, SC-5 Classic

Hi Rob.

Today I listened to Rabih Abou Khalil”Tarab” and Hadouk Trio “Baldamore” (I know well the sound of the discs) ,but to my surprise I had never heard them in this way!). The soundstage, this living, organic sound, this bass. It should be heard. I formed the opinion that the people in front of me are playing the instrument. I’m shocked!! I used to think to change the Tannoy, but now wonder Tannoy’s are giving me an excellent live sound. I’m just ……shocked!! IC-3SE w / Sound Connections Xhadow Precision RCA’s and SC-5 Classic have transformed my system beyond recognition!

Thanks for a very high quality product.

Alex P., Khmelnitsky, Ukraine


Rob: Now that I’ve had your cables for about a month I wanted to share my thoughts. I bought two of your Signature Edition balanced interconnects to connect my DAC to my pre-amp and then onto my amp. I’ll leave the flowery descriptions to those better equipped. For me the sound is better at low volumes and high volumes. I hear better balance and a more cohesive “wall of sound”. No high end harshness and perhaps most importantly, no listener fatigue. Thanks for producing a cable that has enhanced my listening pleasure.

Regards, Rick B., King, NC

IC-3 Classic

Hi Rob, I was able to try my new IC-3 interconnects on my days off, and I can honestly say I do not like them. They would have to sound good to say I like them, which they do not, they sound great, so I would have to say I love them! My Wharfadale speakers would not lie.I am shocked on the difference they make in my system. For anyone to say cables do not make a difference has not tried the Audio Art IC-3’s. It has made the most noticeable improvement to date in my system. It is like a $2,000.00 upgrade in equipment instead of a $200.00 one. I am only able to spend $200.00 – $250.00 max on upgrades per year, and cannot afford to make a bad decision. I just took a huge step up in improving the sound in my modest system. I knew there would be a improvement in using your interconnects, but never dreamed they would make that much difference. This is what music should sound like. Now I will start to save for your SC-5 speaker cables. I might do some extra work on the side to speed up the purchase! Your cables look beautiful and sound out of this world good.
Thank you for producing such a wonderful line of cables, and for your excellent customer service.

Joe S., Palm Coast, FL

Custom SC-5 w/ Kimber Kable Postmaster Spades

Hey Rob, Just wanna thank you and Phil for once again connecting me with the music! Those Kimber spades are a perfect fit and obviously the sound is terrific! Also, thanks for the Audio Art pen/light. You guys always throw in the best goodies! I’m sure you’ll hear from me again in the future. Thanks!

Aaron D., Bloomington, IL



First off, I want to tell you thank you, and that your cables are really quite good! The SC-5SE speaker cables blew away my AudioQuest cables in a big way, in every department! I took some notes: the bass is fuller and well defined. These cables are slightly faster. The disc I used the most was Opeth’s Damnation. The quality of this recording is incredible. The mic went from a foot out to an inch away from the mouth. There were subtle guitar inflections revealed and shifts that were never heard before. Very, very amazing. I am totally satisfied.

Thank you!

Walter O., Lincoln, NE

IC-3 Classic

Just wanted you to know, I got the cables and they are AWESOME! I hooked them up between by Mac c35 & my Mac MC7100 & OMG!!!!! The soundstage is so much wider, the bass is so much tighter = I’m hearing things I never heard before:) Thank you SO MUCH for selling them to me; you have a Customer For Life!

Richard Y., McAllen, TX


Hi Rob,

Great to hear that business is good! I’m glad you’re giving all those high end, snake oil cable companies a run for their money. Johnny is real happy and blown away by his SE cables. Not a single complaint from anyone that I’ve referred to you. That says something about how good your cables really are. You’re still the only game in town, Rob. Everyone I run into will be sent to the best cable shop on the planet; Audio Art Cable.


Kent O., Honolulu, HI

IC-3SE, SC-5 Classic Bi-wire, IC-3 Classic, power 1 Classic(R)

Hey Rob…..I’m sold…these are great. Tested on Norah Jones “Come away with me” SACD. The piano is not as tinny sounding. Playing on Rotel RC1550 pre amp, Rotel RB1582 amp, Oppo 103 BD player, and B&W 683 speakers. I’m impressed your connectors can make such a difference.
I’ll spread the word!!! OMG….and the bass is so tight and perfect….thanks again.

Randy M., Houghton Lake, MI

power 1SE

I know you have heard this all before, but here it is again. I recently purchased a pair of Power 1 SE power cords. Let me say I was one of those audio guys somewhat skeptical of power cord claims. Well no more, installed on my integrated and CD player the difference was on a par with an electronics upgrade!! To say I am extremely happy with the result would be a gross understatement! My mid-fi system has never sounded better. Many thanks for a superb product.

Bruce T., Richmond BC Canada

Custom power 1SE w/ Furutech FI-AU 3112(R), Aussie AC plug

Hi Rob,

I think I am going to have to take you up of that offer for a second power cable. Basically I want another cable to the same specifications as last time. On a side note, I am really impressed with the difference that your cable made to my system. I was unsure if “audiophile grade” power cables would really do much to the overall sound of my rig, but I have always approached this hobby with an open mind. I was quite shocked at the decrease in sound quality when I swapped back to the stock power cable, so much so that I would not consider going back to that. Thanks very much for your fantastic service. I will definitely be a returning customer.


Brook B., Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

power 1 SE

Hi Rob,

Wanted you to know that I am very impressed with the new cables. My jaw dropped when I initially heard the deep, tight bass response and rich midrange, not to mention the pristine high-end. Clearly, I had vastly underestimated the importance of power cords to the overall performance of my system

Thanks for everything, Tom B., Tampa, FL

IC-3 Classic XLR

The cables are fantastic. Out of the box, they have a sense of air that my Transparent MusicLink Pluses lack and they have a fullness that my Canares lack. They also let the natural vocal textures through that neither other cable does. Not too forward, not too laid back…just right. Nice job!

Can I order another pair of the same cables?

Thanks, Ed B., Sharon, MA


The first SC-5SE pair I ordered arrived yesterday and went into use this morning. All I can say is that your work is amazing. Even with the older equipment in use at my office, the difference is remarkable. I can hardly wait for the other SC-5SE pair destined for use at home.

Thanks so much, Aron S, Renton, WA


Hi Rob, I have installed the new SC-5SE cables and I must say they’re very nice. Better than my Nordost Red dawn Rev II right out of the box. Thank you again.

Clarence B., Cuyahoga Falls, OH

20A power1 Classic

Hi Rob, The power cable arrived today, Looks quite impressive. Thank you for your quick performance. Looks more impressive than the Shunyata Sidewinder! A couple things early. first the fit is perfect, the female end connected with a vacuum seal. Most of my other power cables do not have that type of fit, a big plus in my book. The timbre is dead on with this cable. Very nice balance & warmth. Too early to tell on the other sounds like bass & soundstage. I would like to do a full review of the wire after I have given it time to settle in roughly about 100 hours. I do not consider this jut an upgrade from a stock cord, this wire is much better than that.

Greg P., Seminole, FL


Wow! That was fast shipping! Cables were here last night when I got home from work and I installed them for a few hours of listening. They are the perfect lengths so I could rearrange my mono blocks to sit beside my speakers. They sound fantastic! It is still too early for anything but first impressions, but these cables have taken nothing away from my sound and in fact seem to have added some clarity and detail in the highs that I was not hearing before. At the very reasonable price you offer them for, these cables are truly amazing. The build is very professional as well, and the heavy duty spades fit my amps and speaker terminals perfectly.

Thank you Rob for such stellar service! I look forward to many more hours of happy listening.

Sarah C., Alexandria, VA

Statement II

Right out of the box cold the cord is yielding MUCH blacker backgrounds with very natural sounding leading edge transients and a very deep soundstage and greater focus on individual instruments. The sound is much more refine wounding than my previous cord too. It seems very dynamic sounding, so my description of a natural sound does not mean that it is bland sounding. On the contrary, it is highly dynamic. I only had a half hour to use it so I don’t know it’s full impact and it has a long way to go until fully broken in. Of course it is replacing a budget level power cord but I never expected this much improvement so soon. If things progress along this route, I’ll be replacing all of my Shunyatas with your cords. Now of course I’m wondering what your ICs and speaker cables sound like.

Mark B., San Diego, CA

Statement II Power Cables

Thank you again for the excellent service and updates on status of order and shipping. While I thought there might be some slight improvement over the stock factory power cables to my pre-amp and Class A mono-block amps, I was amazed. Having substantial power conditioning in place, I thought all I needed was basic shielded cables between them and my front-end. Boy, was I wrong. The Statement II power cables arrived in perfect condition, and the fit and finish belies their price–they look and perform at multiples of the purchase price. One CD I like to listen to is Neal Young: Live at Massey Center, with both acoustic guitar and grand piano with enthusiastic applause between songs. Wow, the presentation with the Statement II power cords is dramatically improved in soundstage (height, width and depth). Applause is as explosive and realistic, and Neal Young is transported back in time to age 24, performing live in my listening room with top to bottom clarity, realism, timbre, and attack on both his Martin guitar and the piano. Some of the best money I have ever spent on audio improvements. Thank you for your business model to produce genuine hi-end, quality cables at realistic and affordable price points that do everything as advertised.

Jack S., Anchorage AK

SC-5SE(R), power 1 Classic(R)

First impressions… very lively and dynamic. I picked up another disc and put it in. Pressed play and suddenly, everybody [in my audio club] stopped talking. All eyes were staring at the system. But, it was not the music that attracted us. It was a huge soundstage, deep & wide. My system was on steroids! The ambient atmosphere was big, and we all felt we were in a small jazz club, with Eva Cassidy’s magic voice “….the Autumn leaves started to fall.” Ms. Cassidy’s voice was so warm, yet so powerful. I have been using Transparent, Kimber and MIT, and never thought this much performance could come out from what [my club] would call “mid-range” cables, price wise! And, this was right out of the box, before burn-in! Disc after disc, we never felt fatigued. This combo help us see clearly layer by layer of sound in the very complex Mahler’s Symphony number 5. The famous Salk Soundscape’s ambient atmosphere was all there, and was well controlled. With George Winston and Herbie Hancock, the piano sound was scary real, I can still feel the ambience of it.

Anyway, thanks to you, Mr Rob Fritz of Audio Art Cable and your team for designing and offering products that are big in performance and right down to earth on price. All that together gave us a very interesting listening session, one of the most memorable get-togethers we have had so far.

Quan N., Horsham, PA

power 1 Classic

I received my Power 1 cords yesterday evening and promptly hooked them up.

My Lord…! And the things haven’t even burned in yet… Absolute magic, Rob…already I can tell that the sound has tightened up, the stage is wider and the imaging deeper. Wonderful, wonderful sound coming out of my system! I have always know that decent interconnects and speaker cables can make a difference….but never in my wildest dreams did I believe power cords could do so much. I’m impressed…very impressed. If this is the beginning of what I can expect, I can’t wait to hear it blossom in a month or two.

Des J., Tokyo, Japan


I have installed the Signature Series Speaker cables. To be honest I was a skeptic, but [after] I bought the new Peachtree Grand Integrated I thought I would try some good speaker cables. Several of my friends have different high end cables, and I’m not really big on spending a huge amount of money on cables. I decided to try your cables from Audio Art.

All I can say is WOW, as soon as my CD began playing with your cables I actually noticed a remarkable difference! I hear more music, better clarity and bass definitely! My Peachtree Integrated sounds overall much better than with the… speaker cables I had been using. I have Tyler Acoustic D10s and they sound fabulous now!

I am really happy with my purchase.


Mike W., Chicago Il


Well built–really like the locking bananas… the synergy is wonderful—excellent sound stage, resolution, very musical and engaging… speakers disappear, and there is a wall of sound. [Along with] the improvement [of] the balanced interconnects I got from you, your [SC-5SE’s] are part of the improved sound quality.

Jerry O., Wyomissing, PA

Statement II Power Cable

First off, I want to compliment you on the amazing job you have done with the Statements. You have created a cable that has the perfect amount of warmth, while still being immensely detailed, quite transparent and rich and opulent in tone color. The brass just sound more brassy, the strings sound like I can hear the priceless wood resonating with every overtone revealed, voices sound lavish, full bodied and grand with tons of upper end extension and sparkle. Bravo!


Joe F., Glendale, CA

SC-5SE, IC-3SE, Statement II

Here are short comments on experiencing your cables:

Magic happened as the sound of the system was elevated to a level I did not think possible. This had to happen to me, an entrenched cable-hype skeptic. I experienced a lush, airy and powerful sound never heard from my system. As a skeptic, I changed back to my original cables in disbelief. The magic was gone. Changing back to the Audio Art Cables immediately restored the original bliss. The Guarneri Mementos have only a 6.5 inch bass-midrange driver taking care of the lower frequencies, [yet] I experienced an extension which I thought impossible before inserting the cables. Previously I had mainly listened to chamber music through these speakers. i never was not aware what the Guarneri’s were capable of before the cabling change.

Since I’ve changed most of the cables in my system to Audio Art, it is impossible for me to say if one particular cable contributed more than the other to the music magic. My guess is, that I am the beneficiary of synergies between cables and components, or perhaps between the cables themselves. Quite frankly, I would like to go back to the music and forget about wires. Of course, the little devil in my head is prodding me to replace the asr cables used for the transport and DAC with Audio Art Cables. Since I have [spent] quite a bit of cash replacing my existing cabling, which I also changed in my other systems, I will postpone this experiment for now, to avoid spousal discontent.

Wolf R., Honolulu, HI

IC-3 Classic XLR, SC-5 Classic

I just wanted to let you know that I’m very happy with my balanced [IC-3] interconnects and [SC-5] speaker wire. I bought the ‘classic’ series. I could tell a noticeable improvement immediately. It was a bargain and I have to give you kudos one more time on your great communication and personalized service. A very pleasant experience.


Ron R., Belmont, NC

power 1 Classic, SC-5 Classic, IC-3 Classic

Rob, the power cables, interconnects and speaker wire are all fantastic. Great build quality, great performance. Got rid of a few hums I had and my noise floor is basically nothing now. Thanks again and I’ll be in touch if I need anything else!

Your attentive responses and overall customer service are top notch!

Ty M., San Diego, CA

power 1 Classic

You’ve heard of buyer’s remorse? Well, I’ve got a bad case of buyer’s elation and life is very good!
In fact, the first Blu-Ray movie I played opened with an ordinary scene of a man cutting lemons on a kitchen counter — how Zen. I swear, the richness, vividness, clarity, liquidity, and palpability of those lemons was so perfect, I could have gazed on that lemon-cutting scene for an hour. What a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous picture! Wow!

My stereo’s sound quality has also vaulted… I get so jazzed hearing notes, timber, clarity, stage breadth, and so on that I simply wasn’t hearing before the upgrade. What a treat to hear so much of the nuance that an accomplished singer or musician went to so much trouble to put into the recording. The discriminating and hypercritical ears, now not distracted by flaws, and simply enjoying the clean sound.

You know, I was toying with the idea of buying a new stereo system. Research told me that I’d have to spend $10,000 or so to significantly improve on my current system. I don’t have $10,000 to spend. So instead, I decided to try to upgrade my system with power cables and a general overhaul at the repair shop [for my speakers]. In the end, I have successfully upgraded my stereo for a mere $500, thx in large part to you, Rob. I really appreciate the time and advice you sent my way.

So now I know what to get my hard-to-buy-for doc friend for Xmas: the very upgrades I just bought. In the meantime, great success to your high-value products and wonderful personalized service.

John H., Santa Rosa, CA

power 1 Classic

I just got the [p1 Classic cable with FI-11(G)], and it is amazing. I have it connected to my Rotel digital gateway and I’m hearing notes & instruments I never knew existed in very familiar pieces.

Craig E., Stamford, CT

power 1 Classic

Just wanted to let you know, these [p1 Classic FI-11(G)] cables are keepers! I’m happy now and will be utterly elated if they improve any more with additional break-in. I think I’m like one of your other customers who described his system as “already sounding good” but made to sound better with your power cords installed. I like what these cords have done for my amps. The sound is smoother and more refined, especially on the low end. Happy listening,

Lewis M., Union City, CA

power 1SE

The cables arrived today. My wife and I settled in for some listening and the first thing she said was “It’s amazing that power cables an make such a difference!” From there, she went on to further rhapsodize about your cables with an enthusiasm I hadn’t recalled her ever expressing when it came to audio. She pointed out enhanced qualities in various instruments and compared them to how the system used to sound. I was rather surprised by her vehemence and animation, to be honest. Usually, I’m the one that gets excited by audio gear!

It took me a few minutes to realize that power1se’s had rendered our system more revealing. Once I’d gotten over a bump in the learning curve, I quickly began to note the improvements, and as suggested by Kate’s comment, above, they were not subtle! In fact, the majority of cd’s sounded [much] better. Instruments and vocals had much more realism, weight and dimensionality. The soundstage deepened and there was no over accentuation of any part of the frequency range, which resulted in a very “natural” presentation– it sounded like music and not like Hi-Fi, if that makes sense. The bass was tighter than we’d ever heard from the system and considering the tendency for EL34’s to be somewhat “sloppy” in the lower register, this was a very nice surprise, indeed. Finally, there was no trace of the overly euphonic midrange we’d noticed [previously].

Needless to say, I’m really glad that, in the end, I ordered the se’s. Just as important to me is the fact that you’ve been unfailingly patient and helpful throughout our interactions. I sincerely appreciate your generosity in doing all you [did]. Overall, I really don’t know what more any customer could possibly ask for, whether in terms of product, price, or service.

With best wishes for your continued success,

Stuart K., Forest Hill, CA

SC-5 Classic, IC-3 Classic

I’ve been listening to the cables for the past couple of weeks, and I couldn’t be happier. Everything that bothered me in my system is now vastly reduced, and everything I liked is now there in greater degree. One of the things that I find particularly impressive is how very different each recording sounds from the other. In the past I would certainly notice an outstanding recording and hear how it rose above ordinary ones, but there was nowhere near the degree of difference I now hear among all recordings. It’s a little alarming to think how much fog there must have been in the system before and how little of it I noticed. Happily, this new degree of clarity does not mean that things are leaner or sharper; on the contrary, one of the things I like best about the cables is how they have made everything smoother and more musical. The bass is more solid and tuneful, voices are more natural and present, details are clear without emphasis or strain, the soundstage is broad and deep and continuous, and everything is beautifully integrated in service to the musical flow.

All in all I’m delighted with your work, and I’m enjoying music now more than ever (and to think that break-in is still going on!).

Thanks so much for making that happen. All the best,

Mark C., Pelham, MA

IC-3SE with Sound Connections Xhadow Reference RCA’s

The IC-3SE instantly improved the sonic relevance of everything…..I cannot believe what I am hearing… phenomenal realism and clarity….I thought my system sounded good before, but my goodness gracious! I am stunned by the sonic presence and accuracy… Your cables are a stone cold bargain and people need to know! I am full of joy at the moment and needed to let you know your cable design has touched upon the holy grail of sonic pleasure…a revelation. I have demo tested at least 10 different interconnect cables from price points up to $1500.00 a pair and yours by far put them all to shame. I am going to put on my favorite Allison Krauss CD and share a glass of wine with my wife while listening to these awe inspiring cables. By the way, a listening session we had at [my friend’s] house tonight was great. I brought over the IC-3SE’s, and did a side by side comparison… bass was tighter, and the highs just shimmered. The grin on his face was priceless… Great cables, Nicely Done!

Tony T., Bloomington, IL

IC-3, SC-5 & power 1 Classic

Just wanted to let you know that I received the IC3 interconnects and they are great. I replaced a pair of pure silver interconnects and the difference is huge. The bass is meatier and punchier and where the highs were frazzled a bit before in spots they are now clear as a bell. I am using your SC-5 speaker cable in double runs to my Tyler speakers and also your power cables. Maybe it is having all Audio Art wire throughout the system that is part of the excellent synergy. I am using a Cambridge 840C CD player with an Analog Devices DSP that up-samples to 384/24 so I am hearing everything on all the CD master tracks and your cabling is handling it all with aplomb… it seems your cabling is just what I need. Excellent products, and my system sounds significantly better. Even my wife could tell the difference!

Thanks and regards,

Mark S., Mount Pleasant, SC

SC-5 Classic

Hi Rob. Just wanted to let you know, these cables are amazing rite out of the box!! Thanks again for the great service, and a great product. Can’t wait to try a set of interconnects.

Mike R., Lakewood, CO

IC-3SE with DH Labs Ultimate RCA’s, SC-5 Classic bi-wire

Your cables arrived today. My first impression is very favorable. The first thing I noticed is that the bass is more detailed and has more weight. The other is just how smooth and detailed the midrange is. The IC-3SE’s have eliminated bit of grunge & distortion from the signal and make everything seem less fatiguing. I have some friends that want to hear your cables and we get together once a month, so hopefully I can make some more converts. I see more cables from you in my future.

I currently have the IC-3SE Ultimate cable going from my Audio Analogue Paganini CD player to my Audio Mirror TP-61 preamp. I plan to move the cable to my Bellari phono amp to preamp to see what difference it might make. I have a Rega P3/24 with Elys II cart. Your SC-5 bi-wire cables going from my Audio Mirror 20 watt SET amp to my Von Schweikert VR-4s. The system has never sounded better.

Thanks and best regards.

Chris B., Bloomington, IL

SC-5SE , IC-3SE with DH Labs Ultimate RCA’s

Rob, I received the interconnects today… LFD Zero Mk III with my Spendors now sound the way I always “thought” they should. Thank you for great products at reasonable prices.

Robert S., Waterford, MI

IC-3SE with Sound Connections Xhadow RCA

Hi Rob. I recently bought the 6 meter IC-3SE interconnects. I thought you might be interested in hearing what I have experienced with them. I have 2 expensive tube monoblock amplifiers I had to move, which were originally hooked up with a pair of [major audiophile brand name] 1.5 meter ICs. I’ve always loved the rich organic sound they impart to the music and have been very pleased with them in general. I would have gladly purchased another pair, but… a 6 meter pair would have cost around $2,400. Just a bit too much. I realized I would have to settle for something less expensive. I actually had much reservation while purchasing your IC-SE for obvious reasons. They would be 4 times longer than [my current high end I, and they were significantly cheaper. My greatest hope was that they would sound at least as good. As you can see, I really wasn’t expecting any improvement, but as it turns out they do not sound as the [major audiophile brand name], they sound
better!! There is more extension in both the high and low ends of the spectrum, and my beloved rich midrange is still intact. I’m also hearing more detail and textures than ever before. I can hardly believe it. I’m also old enough (50) to realize that sometimes things can be more appealing simply because they’re different. But that’s not the case here. The quality of sound is undeniably improved. I’m quite certain that this is the last pair of ICs I’ll ever buy. They sound that good. I think one of the reviews I read described your cables as “giant killers”. That guy nailed it on the head. You’ve created a cable at a price / performance ratio which is almost unbelievable. Quite an accomplishment. I can’t wait to get a pair of your power cables. Hopefully soon.

My compliments

then a follow up a few weeks later —

Thanks for the update on my [power cable] order..I’m glad to hear that sales are doing so well. You truly deserve it. When I last wrote regarding my 6 meter interconnects I’d only listened to them for a few days. Since then I’ve obviously had a bit more time with them and I have to tell you that the improvement they have given me in sound quality is nothing short of amazing. I’m still being astonished all over again every time I listen to music. I’m really looking forward to hearing the [SE] power cables on top of this.

David M., Baton Rouge, LA

IC-3 & SC-5 Classic

Dear Rob,

Snail Mail [to Chile] took its time, but after 20 days my finally arrived.

The IC-3 now have about 150-180 hours of break-in, and I am constantly finding new sounds as I go through my CD. The most obvious improvement, compared to my former ICs, is tighter, more defined bass, with perhaps a touch more extension. High notes are smoother and more “musical”. Something totally absent [before] to the point where I had come to believe my speakers were simply too bright, almost shrill, whereas now violins are a pleasure to hear. There is also much more micro-information, clarity in the “snap” of bass strings, and even the “whoosh” of Astor Piazzola’s “Bandoneon” (a small accordion-like instrument used in tango ensembles), blowing air. In all, a definite, even unexpected improvement in my system. Now, I am seriously contemplating SC-5 speaker cables and your Power cord, Congratulations from a very satisfied customer.

Best Regards,

Luis C., Santiago, Chile

my IC-3 and the SC-5[just added] are piling up miles in my stereo. I’ve had them for 4 – 5 days, so burn-in is by no means complete (my IC-3 sounded best after 200 hrs)but already it`s obvious the total effect is more than just the sum of its parts. I tried both cables individually, out of the box, and there was an immediate improvement, but when both were installed [together] the effect was greatly enhanced. Particularly impressive is the way the soundstage expanded, in depth and [width] to the point I considered bringing my speakers closer together, the sound was coming from [such] a wide soundstage. Then I realized there was absolutely no “hole-in-the-middle” effect. I was just hearing a tremendously [improved] soundstage in a stereo rig I’ve had for 3 years know extremely well. And yet..your cables had completely changed the way music was presented.

As you can see, I am extremely pleased with my IC-3 and SC-5 combo, but will reserve a more complete impression once they are fully burned-in, perhaps with the power 1 [I’m ordering] thrown in as well.

My best regards to you all-


IC-3SE with DH labs Ultimate RCA

Love the [cables] with the Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1 and the W4S amps! Great detail and bass.The DAC-1 makes big difference….it is a brilliant product as are your cables.

Received [your second] cable today. They are both great straight away. All the cables are now yours and this makes a great difference.
I have found can use more of the amp’s [gain] than before with your cables great!

Thanks for everything, and for supplying me with great cables, they will do me for a long time.

James B., Armagh, United Kingdom

IC-3SE with Sound Connections Xhadow

Awesome sounding IC’s, I have always liked the Xhadow RCA plugs and really

didn’t want to migrate away from them. I have just sent you some money for a [second] pair, thank you for offering a [good] price on your cables…Thanks for burning in the new cables for me…talk with you soon!!!

Greg F., Sacramento, CA

IC-3SE with DH labs Ultimate RCA

Love the [cables] with the Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1 and the W4S amps! Great detail and bass.The DAC-1 makes big difference….it is a brilliant product as are your cables.

Received [your second] cable today. They are both great straight away. All the cables are now yours and this makes a great difference.
I have found can use more of the amp’s [gain] than before with your cables great!

Thanks for everything, and for supplying me with great cables, they will do me for a long time.

James B., Armagh, United Kingdom

IC-3SE with Sound Connections Xhadow

Awesome sounding IC’s, I have always liked the Xhadow RCA plugs and really

didn’t want to migrate away from them. I have just sent you some money for a [second] pair, thank you for offering a [good] price on your cables…Thanks for burning in the new cables for me…talk with you soon!!!

Greg F., Sacramento, CA


Your SE speaker cables are great. Started to come alive after 4 hours of play. The SE IC’s are great, also. You’ve got a winner here and the look of big bucks cables.

Thanks, Steve L., San Diego, CA

Thank you for sending out the SE cables. Those Furutech banana ends work great! The soundstage has improved dramatically, as well as extension and detail.

Best of the Holidays to you and your Family,

Steve B., Orange County, CA

Robert– things are going swimmingly. I LOVE these cables my friend. Truth be known– I am really enjoying your cables, but am having a hard time writing about what it is they actually sound like. I mean– I just enjoy the music they make and I love how affordable they are.

David A.,

power 1SE

I owe you a debt of gratitude for including the power 1SE in your original review samples. The Wyred 4 Sound article would not have been possible without it. The effect [on their STI-1000] was that significant. Already one person has caught on to that caveat and I’ve recommended they give your power cord a shot with their Bel Canto into their Maggies. That power 1SE is the gift that keeps giving.

Take care,

Glen W., Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

power 1 Classic

I am using all Audio Art power cables in my system now. I tried out a more expensive Shunyata power cord with a new preamp and in comparison it lacks the musicality and frequency extension of the Audio Art power 1 cord. Hence, I placed another order and will try to unload the Shunyata on Audiogon.

Regards, Mark C., New York, NY

SC-5 Classic

The cables are very open with lots of air. They worked beautifully with my Aerials.To be honest. I have never heard a speaker cable in that price range sound as good overall as the SC-5. I am actually very tempted to try your higher end cables on my Aerials.

Darrin M, N. Andover, MA

IC-3 Classic

Dear Rob,

I just took the cables from the Hong Kong dealer yesterday. Their service is excellent, and I am fully satisfied with the cables! Given the price I would say this is one of the best choices. My HifI is now sounding more decent. I’ll definitely consider your products again in my future upgrades.


Chiu Tak, Hong Kong

When I put the two IC-3 cables in last night, replacing the Transparent Audio, the difference was stunning! The sound was rich, full, detailed, and transparent, with a bigger soundstage just as it should be!..Perhaps the best testament came from my wife. She been out all evening and didn’t know I was changing anything. When she came in, she stopped and quietly listened to the music for a minute, then said,“Wow! They are here! meaning the musicians, of course. And yes, it really was that real!
Thanks for helping solve my problems and helping my system to realize its full potential. I’ll be telling everyone I know about these cables. I never would have thought that cables could make such a difference. Now I know.

Rick S., San Diego, CA

IC-3 Classic / SC-5 Classic

The new IC’s are just fantastic, much better than I’d hoped for. They will replace the Harmonic Technology I thought were “perfect” but sound so congested compared to your cables. The jumpers made a big difference also, replacing a generic length of wire. I’d been auditioning silver IC’s which are recommended for the Quicksilver amps and was always disappointed. The amps have a beautiful sound, but lacked openness and dynamics. I finally concluded my speakers were just too difficult of a loadI got a second set of speaker cables from you and the IC’s, hooked them up, and lo and behold! There were the dynamics and deep soundstage I’d enjoyed with the [more powerful SS] amp. Thanks for your excellent service and product. I’m looking forward to trying your power cords next.

Best Regards,Terry F, Sterling, MI

Rob, just wanted to let you know that I received the IC3 interconnects and they are great. I replaced a pair of pure silver interconnects and the difference is huge. The bass is meatier and punchier and where the highs were frazzled a bit before in spots they are now clear as a bell. I am using your SC-5 speaker cable in double runs to my Tyler speakers (bi-wireable with SEAS magnesium mid and woofer with Millennium tweeter) and also your power cables.I am using a Cambridge 840C CD player with an Analog Devices DSP that up-samples to 384/24 so I am hearing everything on all the CD master tracks and your cabling is handling it all with aplomb. I guess my combination of components would tend towards the bright side (also have a Creek Destiny amp) but it seems your cabling is just what I need.Excellent products and my system sounds significantly better. Even my wife could tell the difference!

Thanks and regards, Mark S., Mount Pleasant, SC

IC-3 and SC-5 Classic:

Click here to read the review at AudiogoN


I’m keeping your excellent speaker cables!
They replaced the Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cables. Your cables easily and very clearly revealed the big difference between these two interconnects: Soundstring Vs. the vastly superior Argentum Acoustics. With the Nordost, they both sounded the same.


Patrick A., Berkeley CA.

IC-3SE observations

[My] second set [of IC-3SE XLR’s] arrived on Friday. I’ve been listening to music all weekend I really do like themyour cables are the last step in a system wide overhaul, [after adding an] Ayon CD-1.

When the first set of IC-3SE XLR’s came, I noticed a big improvement in my soundThe amount of detail increased and I could hear instruments that I previously did not know where there. I was surprised at the triangle in the background of Michael Jackson’s Human Nature. I couldn hear it until I hooked up the IC-3SE’s.I thought my phone was ringing and paused the music more than once before realizing what it really was I listened to something over the weekend that started with a group of trumpets playing. I had heard this song many times before, but this was the first time that the trumpets sounded so real.

On The Doobie Brothers Minute By Minute, I can hear a conga beat that I have never heard until tonight one of my favorite songs just got better tonight! There are instruments and sounds on Herbie Hancock’s not just
these s, but all of my music sounds a little different. Everything is more detailed and if this makes sense, I can hear people the instrument. Some things that were just sounds before have become instruments. [With] the Ayon burned in, I would have to attribute the improvements.

I haven’t had the opportunity to compare the IC-3SE XLR’s to any other high end cable in my system, but I am extremely happy with my overall sound, of which the Audio Art’s are an integral part.

Brian W., Hyattsville, MD

Hi, Robert. I’m still enjoying the was instantly superior in every way imaginable, to the $550.00CDN Ixos Ixotica I had been using, [which] gave me about 90% of a $3,000 CDN Siltech Everything is so much about synergybut the Audio Art IC-3SE was quieterI heard much deeper into the mixes. More dynamics, more ease along with all the new detailing…longer fade outs…more emotional impact…singers were just more “there”…..very nice, and the bass simply went deeper with more detail and drums had real weight and impact. I have moved the IC to the pre, power combo and all of the above is heard on every source…just lovely. You should hear the sheer wild driving bass energy on “This Is Us” from Mark Knopfler and Emmy Lou…just jaw dropping…..I can’t believe how good this system sounds….Congrats on a very fine product. [After] I added a second IC3-SE, a friend dropped up and both he and his wife were very surprised at how the system just opened up and flowed. Wonderfully balanced, he said. He tried some very difficult music on it and it passed his test easily. Cheers,

Lloyd S., Nova Scotia, Canada

[The IC-3SE XLR] cable did sound then the Acoustic Zen Silver Ref II’s, and Matrix II’s. I also liked them more then the Audioquest Colorado’s and Columbia’s.Very impressive. Thanks Again.

Lev A., Bartlett, IL

The IC-3SE went into the system upon receiving them and right away, they were awesome sounding. Clearly, this is one of the best interconnects I have ever had in my system regardless of stature or price. I just testing some new IC’s that are coming out soon..To say it wasn’t even close is an understatement! The SE’s are simply my reference to which I can confidently judge all other ICcare how little they cost in relation to other reference cables…your IC-3S’s are just frighteningly good stuff, period!! The IC-3 SE have a very transparent, open, highly resolving and weighty sound to their credit. Imaging and staging are excellent…Whatever it is you’re doing it right!

a cable of tremendous capabilities that can shine in any reference system. One that just exudes quality and craftsmanship of the highest standard without asking a King’s ransom for the price!

Ken H, Alpharetta, GA

Beautiful! I just wanted to share my thoughts on the new IC-3SE. Right out of the bag, I started hearing new things on the bass line — like the noise floor had just been dropped.I listen to a lot of live music, and the clarity of the audience is amazing! The detail and positioning of claps, coughs, screams and laughter is stunning. What a great purchase!

Matt K., Mountain View, CA

it’s a blow to the ego of those with deep pockets to admit their $2500 interconnects were smoked by a $239 pair of IC-3SEs. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but cable manufacturers make their living making you believe more is indeed. The IC-3SE has a full bodied, liquid midrange that gives a natural, effortless quality to vocals and instruments, as well as giving the music weight and rhythm. I want to say it is a touch on the warm side of neutral, because it’s so liquid, but it’s not.[There is] a creating a much more realistic and involving experience, without sacrificing detail. The IC-3SE is open and extended on the top end, without any hint of glare or brightness. The sound was consistently open, effortless, and involving. It even made bad recordings sound better. Together with the SC-5, the IC-3SE has well defined, deep bass, and dynamics in spades.

Kent O., Honolulu, HI

Power 1 observations

The power 1’s did something none of the cords tested could do, and that’s why it wasn’t mentioned earlier in this review. The p1, like the rest of the Audio Art line, has an uncanny ability to reproduce 3D effects, wall to wall soundstaging, depth, and a sense of natural, effortless flow. It removed anything that sounded electronic from the music. It gave a performance, making you forget that you are listening to an electronic reproduction, and instead are sitting front row center at a live performance. The power 1 is very well balanced, and does not exaggerate any particular frequency. It has dynamics, bass punch, and slam without being overpowering, yet it is revealing in the midrange and highs with an effortless, unstrained quality. I noticed this same signature effect on the IC-3SE and SC-5’s. The power 1’s took [my system] to the next level. Is it the absolute, best power cord on the market? I can’t say for sure, but it is the absolute best power cord I’ve heard up to the $500/meter level. Would a $1000 or $2000/meter cord sound two times or four times better than the power 1? Probably not, and even if it did, I highly doubt that it would outperform the power 1 in soundstaging and its ability to portray music in such a natural and realistic way. Audio Art is providing an extraordinary level of performance at bargain basement prices. I’m sure Rob Fritz has the inner circle of high end manufacturers very concerned. If they aren’t, they should be. Who would have bought a Lexus 20 years ago, or took it seriously? Well, Mr. Fritz is on to something big here, and hopefully in less than 20 years, will be the standard for other cable manufacturers to follow. I can’t wait to see what he’s up to next.

[Power cords tested were MIT Z-Cord, XLO Powerline Green, Audio Directions, Signal Cable MagicPower, ErnieM Star Quad 11 gauge, Synergistics Research AC Master Coupler, Audience powerChord, Audio Art power 1]

Kent O., Honolulu, HI

In the past I have used the following power cords in my main system, all of which are within the relative price range of your Audio Art power 1 – PS Audio Prelude, Soundquest NAT, Signal Cable Magic, and the Audio Magic Spellcaster 2. With none of these cables did I sense a definite audible improvement versus the stock power cords; it may well have been there, but it was wasn’t particularly noticeable to my ears. From the first moment that I replaced the PS Audio cord with your Power 1 , the difference was in fact clear and audible; more richness and punch to the sound. I have now moved three of the prior cords to my second system, one is in storage and have only the Power 1s in my main system. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants a good cable, at a very reasonable price, that will make a difference.

Frank C., Germantown, TN

Hi Rob. The power cord arrived yesterday and I had a quick audition last night. It’s a jump over the stock cord. Just like your other cables, it sounded better balanced – less bright than the stock cable and more solid and detailed from the mids down. Also better low-end punch, so low transients seemed more physical. I may to get them for my monoblocks. Thanks,

Cyrus W., Honolulu, HI

I have received the Power 1, and it was worth the wait. While I expected and received a very high quality component which has a noticeable impact on the quality of the video and SACD performance of my Marantz player, I was stunned with the appearance of your product! I do not think, as good as they are, my interconnects or speaker cables could be described as visually beautiful, but your power cable is exactly that, with the black and gold Furutech plugs combined with the vivid blue glow of the cable itself. As soon as I can justify it to my wife I will be adding a couple more of these exceptional cables to my system.

George L., Manchester, NH

Rob, Good morning. First, the rega Jupiter has its “problems” in the following areas: some blurring/smearing (orchestral), soft definition at the bass end, treble “tizziness” depending by degree on the CD played, a certain loss of preciseness on imaging, and tonality. The question is how do the power 1 cable, and the IC-3s work in this player. After some considerable listeninghere are some reactions:

  1. The background is black. This allows that nice black space to be an offering for very nice imaging/soundstage presentation. The jazz [players] have a place and the individual instruments are clearly heard in their own space. The group is present and accounted for very clearly in my system. What IS amazing is the same thing happens with orchestras and the different sections (that is black magic). This area has greatly improved.
  2. Definition/detail are improved on the good CDs and marvelous on the well recorded ones. The “brittle or tizziness” on the treble edges is gone and at least tamed on [bad] recordings, but there IS music in those recording
  3. Tonality. A sax is a sax, and a piano is a piano. Vocals are really clear and have very nice body Maybe this is what neutrality is all about-nothing is added to the musical experience.
  4. Bass. I am not sure it is extended, but I can tell you that it’s tight and controlled. There is no more “fuzzy boom” or “distortion” as I call it. It is amazing how this area plus the lack of high brightness makes everything less tiring to listen to at any sitting. Snare and kick drums are sharp. Ray Brown’s bass is plucked and the strings quiver and Wagner’s Siegfried entrance into Valhalla with those kettle drums is emotional.
  5. All of the above are important but if there is not an emotional involvement in the synergy you have sort of a very lovely musical experience that leaves you satisfied but not fulfilled someway. These cables, and I don’t over state this point, make my already PRAT ready Exposure amps just find more emotional involvement/presentation. There is pace, timing (which may be most important), in spades. The rega is sending a better signal to the system, [and] for its “faults”, it remains head and shoulders above many CDPs out there. The cables seem to attend to the rega in such a way that listening has become a pleasure. The rega still does not replace my Roksan and my vinyl, but it makes a gain in the right direction.

Finally. I am not a reviewer of any skill but I know what I have heard over the years in a system that has been with me for at least ten-twelve of those years. It has been exceptional in so many ways, but those cables have improved it. So, I don’t have the foggiest notion how twisted wire can do the above, but, in this case, it does. I no longer can say that cable selection does not make a difference especially in source components. Over those years, I have used Nordost, VanDen Hul, Monster, and Audioquest and removed them. I strongly urge others to take advantage of the “cooking ’em” before starting out since first impressions sometime dominate, and this reduces initial sense about the sound.

Oh yes! Rob, I will keep the cables and the black magic they contain. Thank you. I wish you continuing success.

Lambert K., Bloomington, IL

The power 1 cable isfully burned in, and sounds really nice. It has good pace, natural tonality, and balanced throughout the frequency range. The background is
very quiet and complements your other cables. It does best my reference, the Clarity White Lightening. The cosmetics blend in without calling attention to the cable.

Marvin B., Saginaw, TX

I like the Power 1 AC cable quite a bit. I have done a little bit of tube rolling and with the power 1, my Singlepower headphone amp has never sounded better. Midrange and treble sound wonderful.


Mark C., New York, NY

SC-5 observations

Hello Rob. Thanks for the prompt response. To be sure … after at least 120 hours break-in (with Isotek Enhancer burn-in CD) these are a definite improvement over the Signal Cables they replaced. I also like them better (in certain areas) than the Speltz Anti-cables I have on hand..Overall, the SC-5’s are smoother and more musical – top to bottom … especially on the low end.I had a similar experience when comparing the AA IC-3’s with the Anti-IC’s. Conclusion: I kept the IC-3’s in the main signal path.

I’m expecting delivery of some Channel Island monoblock amps in a few days, and really wanted to be off the speaker cable merry-go-round. Last month I had in Morrow Audio’s SP2 speaker cables, then sent those back … extremely good imaging, great soundstaging, excellent tonality and timbre midrange through the top end, but really lacked low end extension.Then I got the Speltz and wasn’t quite satisfied. They lack warmth and just aren’t very involving.

Finally, I can honestly say that earlier this week – at about the 100 hour mark – I sat listening to music that I don’t normally play. I have most all my Blue Note label vinyl collection in Redbook CD now. It never really grabbed me until listening with the SC-5’s in place. I was thinking to myself “this is the sound I’ve been searching for.”

Best regards, Lewis M., Union City, CA

Just received my interconnects and speaker cables today…wow! After so many disappointments with products over hyped and over charged, it’s so nice to get a great product at a bargain price. I’ll be ordering power cords from you asap…Thank you for the great product and fast service!

Best, Robert S. USA

IC-3/SC-5 system observations

The IC-3s are great! I replaced Signal Cable Anolog s, and you would think I removed a mattress from in front of my speakers! Looking forward to receiving the SC-5s a top to bottom improvement. With increased detail and loads more dynamic. Merry Christmas!

The speaker cables arrived Christmas eve. I am very happy with both your products and service. They have really opened my system up, and have made a big improvement.

Regards Steve P., Auckland, New Zealand

Hi Rob,

I spoke with you a month or so ago searching for some better sounding cables. I was referred to you by [a friend] when I was looking for a “smoother” sounding cable especially in the midrange. After an appropriate break-in period, I thought I would let you know how they are performing.

I am extremely happy with the cables (both speaker and interconnects). They have an excellent low range extension that is full bodied and weighty. The highs are smooth, detailed, and well extended. As for the midrange, it is definitely without the “harshness” I was experiencing with the Kimber products. It has a warmer, more inviting character that is exactly what I was hoping for. Imaging is excellent and precise as well.

Thanks so much for the advice and the great products. They far outperform their price point which is a welcome change in the high end market today.

Kindest Regards, Rob T., N. Ridgeville, OH

Dear Mr. Fritz:

The cables arrived today system (Electro Voice 12 TRX coax drivers in custom built EV Aristocrat cabinets, Prometheus TVC passive preamp, Almarro A205A amp, and a super cheap Toshiba DVD player used for CD’s) between the amp and preamp; the improvement in sound quality was astounding! Without any break in, your interconnects created substantially better detail, definition, slam and sense of than the wires previously in place. I look forward to what will occur when the IC-3’s are fully broken in!

Now my issue is whether I should start systematically start replacing the interconnects in both of my systems with your outstanding product.

Laurence S. Westlake Village, CA

Hi Rob,

I installed my recently purchased Adcom 555 amp and 555 preamp into my existing system, hooked up your IC-3 interconnect and SC-5 speaker cables, loaded my CD player with a few favorites and turned the system on. I simply could not believe what I heard Adjectives come easy to me if I am tasting a new wine, but my limited audio language will never say this the right way. Pure, clear, perfect sound at any volume level. I was hearing things on the CD’s that I never heard before. Different music: Carlos Santana, Supertramp, Eric Clapton, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Paul Paray conducting the Detroit Symphony, and others. My wife came home from work and she, too, could not believe the difference. Now I know that the new amp has tons more power to drive my speakers, but I am also smart enough to realize that the proper signals have to get to them before they can reproduce it into great sound. I am totally sold on your cables because I know what they are doing. You have an avid fan who, when in future conversation with other audiophiles, will most certainly recommend your product. Thanks for hanging in with me on this. It was all worth it.

Allen J., Roxbury, CT

Hi Mr Fritz!

I just received your IC-3 and SC-5 cables from your distributor in Regina Canada. By the way, excellent service to the customer [from Carl James!] They are hooked on rega Brio integrated amplifier, rega Apollo CD player and JM lab 714s tower speakers. As you can see, every component was subjectively chosen for their high ratio: music for the money.

Over the stock cables, the differences that can’t be missed are more details and better imaging. Which I considered a welcome upgrade. The music from my modest sound system seems to come from higher gear components, Very surprising as I only switch to your cables.

Thanks Mr. Fritz for such good products. Best to you and your business.

Alyre G., Montreal, Canada

Hey Rob, I have over 150 hours on my [IC-3] cables and let me say you “Hit A Home Run” with these cablesgot my speaker cables today. Right out of the box they SPANKED the cables I was using. Can’t wait till they are fully broken in!!

Gary P., Chicago, IL

Hello Rob,

It took awhile getting back to you because I am not the type to do a quick listen to something that sounded as good as your cable and just respond back immediately with I hair trigger decision. I find that it takes days, sometimes weeks of listening to different program material before you can truly make a decision on a product making a positive impact on your system. Your cables sounded very good right off the bat, clean, quick, nice highs and controlled in the bass. The midrange is where so much happens for me though and your cable didn’t let me down. Initially I found your cable to be a little more laid back than [what I had been using] but after extended listening I have found that my [previous] cables do not stay true to the music.your cable stays truer to the instrument, truer to the music.

Thank you again,

Mike C., Rehoboth, MA

Hello Rob,

The new IC-3’s are just fantastic! Much better than I’d hoped for. They will replace the Harmonic Technology I thought were “perfect” but sound so congested compared to your cables. The SC-5 jumpers made a big difference also, replacing a generic length of wire. Thanks for your excellent service and product. I’m looking forward to trying your power cords next.

Best Regards, Terry F., Sterling, MI

Those new cables I got from you yesterday worked just great. In fact, they solved both my problems! When I put your two IC-3 cables in last night, replacing the above two, the difference was stunning!The sound was rich, full, detailed, and transparent, with a bigger soundstage just as it should be! And the hum in the speakers was gone, probably as a result of using the balanced XLR cables in place of RCA cables between the pre-amp and amp.

Perhaps the best testament to the change came from my wife. She know that I was changing anything. When she came in, she stopped and quietly listened to the music for a minute, then said,Wow! They are here! meaning the musicians, of course. And yes, it really was that real!

Thanks for helping solve my problems and helping my system to realize its full potential. I’ll be telling everyone I know about these cables. I never would have thought that cables could make such a difference. Now I know.

Rick S., San Diego, CA

Complete Re-Wire–IC-1 / SC-5 System

Man ve got the biggest freakin smile on my face right now ve got Sade Live playing downstairs right now. Now that particular DVD isn’t that great of a recording, but quite frankly I’ve never heard it like that before. Even better is the Boz Scaggs Greatest Hits LIVEI kind of use that as my reference and man oh man did it sound good.the instruments are very defined and if I close my eyes I can imagine myself there in the concert theatre (or pretty close anyway). I also threw in a few scenes from the Matrix just so I can make the walls shake, and shake they did’t have quite the I have right now

Joe A., Quebec, Canada


I have had all sorts of cabling in my system, including high dollar Nordost SPM to Audience to MIT to Kimber. I got tired of the cabling merry-go-round. I have to admit that the IC-3’s are really getting to sound pretty good and I am missing my old cables lesser and lesser……

Steven W., Leonardtown, MD

Custom IC-1 i-Pod Cable

I received my custom iPod cable from you last night, and first wanted to say great construction, then I listened and WOW what a difference! I was using a cable so I was expecting an improvement, but it has really changed my thoughts of how not bad the iPod can sound through the stereo.

Kudos for another great product, and now I wonder how much better it will sound over the next couple days.

Adam K, Watertown, MA


I received the cables yesterday. They sound great. It is amazing what a difference they make in my system!

Emery M., Anchorage, AK


These cables sound great with my system! I consider the upgrade over the Monster M 550i interconnects a major upgrade. I believe the sound quality I am now receiving will be hard to beat. On the curve of diminishing returns I feel like I am at the point where I can spend a whole lot more money and get very little improvement in return. I highly recommend your cables and I could not be any happier!

Larry J., Clarksville, MD

IC-3 / SC-5 System

I love the Audio Art IC-3 and SC-5. In fact so much that I sold off my expensive ($750) cables. The IC-3 and SC-5 were smoother and as grainless and dynamic as the [others] were. Even a very good silver cable such as the [$750 cable] hinted at brightness where the Audio Art does not in comparison.

Ken H., Alpharetta, GA

IC -3 Interconnect

Hello Rob,

Thanks for your recent email with news on the cables. I have been more than meaning to get back to you as I promised to do whenI had sufficient time on the IC-3’s,
As you may recall. I planned to demo them after about 100 hours against my own personal cables of choice (a $750 model).
I think I probably had closer to about 200 hours on them by the time I did any real comparison. I let them cook whilst on my McIntosh MR-77 tuner (where they will permanently reside btw.)
I listen to them hooked from my Jolida JD100’s rca out. The Jolida as you may know has 2 sets of outputs. Both outputs were used quite extensively before the comparison was made( this makes sure the second output is seasoned and not needing its own break-in time within the player)
I took the IC-3’s off the tuner and connected from the Jolida into my tuner input on my integrated amp.(electrically same as cd input) and began to listen for a few days just to the IC-3’s..Then switched back to the my other cables and did some more listening. In the end, I did an A/B on both with the same music and listened critically for the obvious tonal changes between the cables as well as bass and treble response. I also listened for the not so obvious pace, timing and speed. Imaging height and width. Depth of the soundstage, dynamic changes of the music or a free breathing quality or restriction during loud passages.
In the end, I found the IC-3 was extremely listenable. Coming closer than I might have expected. Which I surmised upon initial hook up when new.
Bass and midrange were very fleshed out and the highs were smooth. Imaging was outstanding as well as soundstage depth, only somewhat foreshortened in comparison.
Vocals were slight pushed back (in my system) and were only very slightly congested in comparison. [My $750 cable] brought the midrange more to life and were more free breathing and transparent, with a better sense of timing and a lack of complete coloration that the IC-3 left in place to a degree. The IC-3′ tended to be just a bit more splashy in comparison to the highs also. And the [other cable] has a deeper and tighter bass response overall.
Okay, so now that I have spoken truthfully of what I heard in “MY” system with “MY” ears comparing your $89.00/meter cable to my $750/meter cable (I think the price is now over $900 for the [latest version]…YIKES Let me say that I truly feel that had I not had [this cable] in my system already, it would have been a no brainer to spend 7X less and come this close (in absolute terms..remember were talking subtle, yet of course real differences)

You have much to be proud of Rob!

Thanks and Regards,

Ken H, Alpharetta, GA


I am still running in the SC-5. I had a very joyful listening last night, the sound has got much better now and it is already better than my DIY silver coated copper speaker cables. It sounds warm and articulated. Great cables!

Regards, Ringo H., Hong Kong

IC-3 / SC-5 System

Thanks Rob!

It’s hard to listen to any other cables now. Nothing sounds as natural.

Cyrus W., Honolulu, HI

IC-1; IC-3

The [IC-1] has opened up a lot more and there’s better focus and resolution deeper into the sonic landscape. The cables are smooth, liquid and organic, providing a very enjoyable overall presentationre resolute and crisp yet warm and rich but never dull sounding (something “smooth” cables typically compromise is the crisp and resolute factor while being overly rounded giving a false impression of “smoothness”). Your cables do a great job of maintaining the dynamics and “liveliness” while also being liquid and “tasty” sounding…and I always enjoy delicious sounding music.Now, the Signal Cables sound somewhat chalky and strident compared to your IC-1.
The IC-3 was more resolute with better separation and delineation than the 1. The lower registers also had better snap and “crunchiness” and the overall presentation was more resolute and more illuminated. I then came to the firm conclusion that the Signal Cables (on our system) are somewhat muddy and hazy, particularly on the lower mids — the overall presentation is airy and expansive but somehow there was a slight bloat and haziness that made the lower mids sound a bit thick in relation to the rest of its spectrum balance. Both your 1 and the 3 soundly outperformed the Signals.

I have decided to replace the Signal speaker cables in the office with your 5 which I think will match very well with the IC-1 in use there now.

K.H. Kim, Seoul, Korea


Hi Rob, Received the cables today and hooked them up straight away. On first listening I am hugely impressed. I need to order the IC-3 interconnect now, RCA fittings in 1 meter length.

Kind Regards,

Mark R., Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, U.K.

Custom IC-3

Wow! The cables arrived today – they look gorgeous by the way; and instantly after plugging them in the bass is so much more defined and enjoyable, and the soundstage is much more pronounced; I will definitely be buying cables from you again! Thanks Rob; I’ve actually burnt in!

Will G., Cambridge, Cambs, U.K.

SC-5 / IC-3 System; Plus SC-5 vs Straley Reality Cables

Bass has tightened up, the background is quite black, the imaging is pinpoint, and the highs are very detailed without being bright or grainy. The sound is just seamless with the notes just appearing from thin air. Female vocals are very natural and clear. I was listening to one song with drums and the snap and transient speed was eye opening!

I’m about ready to do a “small write-up” on the SC-5’s vs. Straley Reality Cables. Here are some of my notes–

  1. SC-5 & IC-3’s in my system [sound as] one seamless cable.
  2. No part of the audio spectrum is highlighted, [but] neutral, which is a good thing.
  3. Lower noise floor compared to Straley’s.
  4. Straley’s highlight more in bass and upper regions, sometimes a little boomy and shrill.
  5. SC-5’s are less congested in the midrange on complex music.
  6. Soundstage not as wide as Straley.
  7. Soundstage depth come through better with SC-5’s because of blacker background.
  8. There’s an ease to the sound of the audio art “system” cables.
  9. Details come through in spades.

All in all I am considering selling the Straleys. I will get together with Art and do some comparisons before I make my decision. Even if I decide to keep the Straleys the SC-5’s will stay.

Marvin B., Saginaw, TX


Thanks Rob.The 8m balanced IC-3 is outstanding. It replaced a 1m balanced Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II ($548) between my amp (McCormack DNA-500) and preamp (ARC LS-25 Mk. II). After more than 4 days of continuous play it has settled into a very extended, highly musical, and extremely dynamic cable…at almost a fifth of the price! In fact it is as good as the Zen, and in terms of tight bass it is slightly better! And the dynamics are VERY life-like, something that the Zen is not quite up to.

Many thanks for an amazing product that everybody can afford – and definitely should try. By the way, the IC-3 color looks very classy. And as soon as I finish rearranging the location of my system, I would like to try your speaker cables, too. [And if the SC-5’s] sound as good as the [IC-3], you will get no complaints from me!

Best regards, Michael S., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

IC-1; IC-3

You’re not kidding when you say the IC-1 is a bit of a sleeper! Wow, what a great interconnect and a real bargain at that! It really is a great match with my Brystonmy initial impressions are that the IC-1 lends a bit more weight to the sound. It’s a bit warmer and has a bit more heft or body to it. One thing I have noticed is that both cables are dead quiet. Nice! I never thought my old cables were particularly noisy but I did notice the quiet when I swapped in the first IC-3 I bought from you. Not only that but out of the box, the sound was smoother, there was more air around the instruments, fine details were revealed without sounding unnaturally spotlighted, and the soundstage was bigger and had greater depth. Normally, I wouldn’t be able to tolerate CDs for anywhere near [as long as I have with these cables] as listener fatigue would set in but with the IC-3, that never happened. Wow, that’s definitely a first! I’ll own up here and admit I have an el-cheapo CD player — a Marantz CD 63SE. I added a Bel Canto DAC-1 a few years back and that helped the listener fatigue issue a bit but it was still there. Two to fours hours max was the limit for any one session. Until I got the IC-3, that is. While breaking in the cable, I was amazed that I could let the CD player play all day long on the weekends and I wasn’t running from the room with my fingers in my ears after a few hours. Instead, I was digging for the next CD to pop in the player. I’m not sure how it does it but the IC-3 seems to smooth things out enough to get rid of listener fatigue. That alone is well worth the price of admission.

To sum up, both the IC-1 and IC-3 are great additions to both of my systems. It’s nice to find something of this quality that us non-trust-fund-babies can afford. It’s challenging for a relatively poor audiophile to build a decent-sounding system. Discovering your cables just made the task a lot easier.

Judy K., St. Paul, MN


I’ve gone through lots of cables in the years, Monster, Signal Cable, MIT, Cobalt and currently Audio Quest bedrock. Oh and some PS Audio that were like wrestling a python! All fine products but yours seem to be at the proper performance/ dollar point.

Dan P., Boonville, NY

IC-1; IC-3

So far the IC3’s are better than my older Z-cables. I will compare to my Transparent Musiclink (~$600). I expect that the IC3s will be slightly better in the fullness and detail of the bass. Your ‘s really added body and depth of sound stage to my system and seem so far to get everything just right. No sibilance, etc. For the 1st time I think I could feel bass from my Maggie 1.6s and almost don’t need a sub you have definitely succeeded in your business plan offering something that blows away anything else for less than at least 5 times the price, I believe, (or maybe 10 times the price). I have not listened to cables over $1k. And again I have never heard a cable that did not seem to be a compromise in some way until I heard yours.

Bryan S., Escondido, CA

IC-3 / SC-5 System

Dear Rob, Buckle up. You’re in for a ride. OH, YEAH! Right on! Far out!! F***ing fantastic!!!! Sold, sold, sold!!!!!

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Got the IC-3 cables on Thursday, burned them in for a day, listened on Friday, and listened, and listened, well into the early morning hours when I finally dragged myself to bed. My Saturday session confirmed what I heard the night before – these are great cables! How are you doing this magic act? I couldn’t be more impressed! The music has never sounded so right. These replaced very good (and expensive) Cardas ICs in my main system, and instantly sounded more open and just more musical.Lots of depth and air around the instruments and especially vocals. Then I compared them against my ($260/m) Kimber Silver Streak pairs (no contest, the Kimber sounding grainy and constrained) and finally the IC-3 totally demolished the Goertz Micro Purl interconnects I also had on hand. Yikes! Put on my wife’s Imogen Heap CD “Speak for Yourself” a little while ago and got her to sit down and listen “to one song”. She was floored by how good it sounded (so was I) and 45 minutes later, she’s still sitting there. Good job!
Anyway, I was so pleased that I was going to order your speaker cables p.s.

Thanks! James M., Chandler, AZ

Your [IC-1] cables are really surprisingly good–supremely natural and liquid sound in my all tube setup, with no loss of dynamics and articulation. Low capacitance, too – keeps high end extended and pure.

D.Z., Waltham, MA

The background “dropped back” – not disappeared but its relative absence brought out the music. The [added] detail was significant [I could hear the Conductor] turning of the pages of the score! – I’d not heard [this] before. In the Messiah, the diction of the singers was so much more obvious, the sharp “t’s” and the sss of the “s’s” that were not apparent before. But these are just indicators of the detail and separation of the music and the soundstage that were brought out. So for the same reasons I bought my Totem Forests, the IC’s brought out that much more.

I was skeptical but am happy with the cables and look forward to hearing the rest of my music with an ear to hearing what I had not heard before. Thanks!

Joseph M, San Francisco, CA

Yesterday though, something happened, you read about this stuff happening but I’ve never experienced it. I went to play music as usual but everything was alive and open, very exciting. I’m very impressed by the sound, for the price the IC-1’s are incredible and well built, very nice XLR connectors on them.
Thank you so much for the personal touch, its made buying your product that much better. Have a wonderful day.
Jeff L., Bend, OR
Your cables are great, especially for price. They replace Kimber PBJ..but yours sound more like real music and are more clear, but not harsh. Will order more in the future, thanks for the good service.

Steve E., Waterford, MI

My conclusion is that the IC-3 interconnects do everything you say – they’re quiet, neutral, natural, and extended in both directions. If I didn’t have a set of Purist Audio Vensutas ($3,345.00 for the comparable 9m length) that I was comparing them to I’d probably be keeping them.
The IC-3 does absolutely nothing wrong. I would venture to say they’re among the best ICs I’ve tried in many years. In one area (low end articulation) I would say the IC-3 may actually be a hair better than the Venustas.
Look at what I’m doing! I’m comparing what is probably one of the best bargains I’ve ever found in audio to something that costs 20 times more, and the difference was minor.
You’ve got a fine product here, Rob. I will be happy to add them to my list of recommendations to anyone who is looking for a great interconnect.

Tony P, Voorhees, NJ

[The IC-3’s are] getting better all the time! Big sound (noticed this from the start) and yet detailed, with strong bass and they give a very good image of instruments and performers. I feel like these interconnects are better then my system allows!

Paul U., Amstelveen, the Netherlands

Well, you have messed up my thinking up on cables! I replaced my Tara Labs The One [with the IC-3] from my Mingda tube pre-amp to a set of Legacy mono blocks, and with a open mind sat down last night to listen. I have had lots of cables thru the door, and yours has single handed topped every thing I have owned! The Taras cost $1,900.00 new by the way. I didn’t get up after the music started to mess with the stereo. That’s big for me. Makes me wonder what your speaker cables sound like! You are the greatest and hope to add more [of your cables] in future.

Barry B., Surfside Beach, SC

Just received the goods, and just connected them. The bass emerged from the Triangles Titus. In my modest opinion the cables “sound different”. My Class D amplifier needed these interconnect cables. All frequencies have more body. Just amazing. A lot of thanks for your service.

Jordi R., Barcelona, Spain

Yesterday though, something happened, you read about this stuff happening but I’ve never experienced it. I went to play music as usual but everything was alive and open, very exciting. I’m very impressed by the sound, for the price the IC-1’s are incredible and well built, very nice XLR connectors on them.
Thank you so much for the personal touch, its made buying your product that much better. Have a wonderful day.

Jeff L., Bend, OR

Last night I was mighty impressed with what I heard! The imaging is very precise the soundstage is large with plenty of ambience; no frequency range stood out over another just nice, smooth sound; etc…Just great sound overall! Looking forward hearing them again tonight! [They] have been sounding REAL good lately. Now that they’ve settled in, they’re even smoother sounding and just let the music flow in a very natural way. If the balanced work even better in my setup, I’ll be scared!!

Jeff J., Jacksonville, FL

Love the speaker cables, played my Mobile Fidelity Gold CD collection with them and all I can say is WOW! The sound stage and detail are very impressive. Keep up the good work!

Ray D., Gloucester, MA

Just thought I’d let you know that I’m enjoying the IC-3.everythings improved, bass, soundstage, resolution, immediacy, musicality, and high end extension. They have really tweaked my system to my liking. My system – Eastsound E5 CD , Jungson JA-88 Amp, Redgum Rgi60 amp and Redgum bookshelf speakers.
I think my whole system fits the Audio Art philosophy – reference quality on a budget – I’m certainly happy.

Cheers, Murray W, Sydney Australia

I hooked up your SC-5 speaker cable, & it is a killer! They sounded so great my wife asked me what I did to my system. THANKS AGAIN!

Charles R., NY, NY

Now that I’ve got the Audio Art cables between all my components, the system is really sounding great. Your cables make a big difference, even right out of the box!

Robert H., Lilburn, GA

The IC-3’s connected to a Carver TX-11a brought immediate and outstanding benefits. Clearly better quality bass, not muddy, and better clarity throughout. Next, I don’t even want to tell you what interconnects I was using between CD player and tube preamp. At $200 per .75 meter, a lot more expensive than IC-3’s for sure. At first listen, a little tough on the high end and lacking bass definition; so I hooked them up to a second set of pre-outs and let them burn in for about 30+ hours and then reconnected them. Wow, what an interconnect! You might want to call your product the IC-3 with WDC – for “wider, deeper, clearer” because those are the sonic benefits. Keep up the good work and best wishes to you.

Brian L., Prospect Heights, IL

I recently purchased a pair of your IC-1 interconnects that I hooked up between my CD player and integrated amp. What a difference they make! I am hearing instruments that I never knew were there!

Thanks, Charles H., Long Beach, CA

I am quite pleased with the purchase. These replaced the Monster M1000i in my set-up. They are more transparent without added harshness. Thank you for providing a quality cable at an earthly price!

Darius P., Norman, OK

After owning many different brands of cables and ALWAYS wondering why on earth are these cables so expensive, (ranging anywhere from $500-$5000 for a 1m set of IC’s) I have finally found a cable that just lets me listen to music, even more.
No more second guessing the hard earned money I’ve spent. No more buyersremorse. No more BS. Just more music to enjoy with the money I saved on cables. I’m not going to say these cables are the be-all-to-end-all, but they won’t be leaving my system for a long time. These cables deliver 97% of the performance the “big guys”, just without the absurd cost.

Jeff J., Jacksonville, FL

The speaker cables arrived and I’m very happy with them; they’re flexible, and they sound well-balanced out of the box. It made me rebalance my sub, but only to turn it down a bit. They are a great match with your interconnects that are already in my system. I was happy with my former cables, and I actually tried a pair of your interconnects because I needed a shielded cable, but I’ve ended up replacing all my cables with your excellent stuff.

Thanks again, Cyrus W., Honolulu, HI

I got the cables this morning, and right out of the box, the IC-3 sounds smoother and more natural than my Kimber Silver Streak.

Thanks, Hardi S., Chadstone, VIC, Australia

I am comparing the IC-1s to a set of Tara Labs RSC Prime that I have had for 8 years or so. I also compared them to a basic set of Better Cables. Well, without a doubt, the IC-1s are “smoother” and more “listenable” than the Taras. The piece I am listening to tonight is Dave Brubeck’s Take Five CD. I particularly noticed how much smoother and pleasant the tone of the sax was. There was a good degree of coherence as well. The highs such as cymbals were pretty good, but I am not sure they were as pristine as the Taras.The Better Cables are not bad; but they seemed to play louder and they just seem a little disjointed–that same sax would seem to jump out at me a little too much. I have been having a problem with a high-pitch, gritty noise out of my tweeters, probably due to the rat’s nest of wires in the back. It is there with the Taras and the Better Cables. But with the IC-1s, it is all but banished.

Marc T., Tyler, TX

Hi Rob, I’ve been using your IC-3 cables on my tube system and love ’em! They deliver superb imaging, almost eerie when listening to vocals. And they keep improving as they settle in. I’m glad that I went with your cables and they are the first I recommend to my friends.

Patrick I., Seattle, WA

My synopsis is that the IC-3 and SC-5 are very, very good cables for well beyond the price point your selling them at. They do a wonderful job with dynamics and soundstage. Surprisingly, at least to me, for a silver copper blend they have a nice warmish representation with great amounts of extension, especially in the bass departmentFantastic!! Having not been a fan of blends or silver cable, yours has been the best I’ve heard so far.

John P., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

One of the best “reference” quality cables I have foundsonically this cable is very close to the Wireworld Super Eclipse V (7 X the price [!]) Imaging width depth and height are excellent and was far behind the speakers. This cable is one of the best cables I have heard under $500 hands down and is a friggen steal at the asking price! i have posted many times that the audio world has been waiting for reference quality cable for less than $200 and nobody took me up on challenge until now…and (at) 1/2 the pricebtw, to say that I am looking forward to the speaker cables is a understatement. (IC-3 interconnect)
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Mike S. Escondido, CA

Robust bass, smooth mids very open and clear highs. Both your IC-1’s and IC-3’s offer a well-defined bass foundation, beguiling richness through the midrange, and a pleasing sparkle on top. I prefer both to the Kimber 1010, and I expect that would be true in any system. I look forward to hearing the IC-3 XLRs [I just ordered] as output cables.
(IC-1 and IC-3 interconnects)

Thanks, Dan S., Minneapolis MN

Okay, so now that I have spoken truthfully of what I heard in “MY” system with “MY” ears comparing your $89.00/meter cable to my $750/meter cable (I think the price is now over $900 for the P3…YIKES! Let me say that I truly feel that had I not had the Poiema! in my system already, it would have been a no brainer to spend 7X less (on the IC-3) and come this close.

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Ken H, Alpharetta, GA

Love these IC-3 cables. Purchased 8 sets for my 2 channel and HT. As good as my $700 cables – now sold! Killer product. These cables are a wonderful find. For HT — a no brainer folks. For very good 2 channel– a no brainer folks. Very pleased with the performance of these and for the price you WONT do better. (IC-3 interconnect)

Bill D., Austin MN

I am using the IC-1 with a tuner and am very impressed. Very detailed but not etched. Vocals and midrange are very impressive. The improvement in bass was very noticeable. Very smooth and a joy to listen too. The silver/copper IC-3 has the same traits but with more high-end extension. I am using it with the CDP and again am very impressed. Both cables sound very natural and are a steal at the current price point. Keep up the good work of providing great sound at a very reasonable price. . (IC-1 and IC-3 interconnects)

Arthur V., Lancaster MA

Excellent value and customer service. Immediate improvement in high frequency detail and soundstage. (IC-3 interconnect and SC-5 speaker cable)

Keith M, Raleigh NC

The IC-1 is an outstanding cable at any price. The IC-1 was immediately resolving, detailed, and natural… right out of the box. It was apparent these cables were something special. Good build quality, locking bananas, nice high end appearance and performance that doesn’t disappoint. Best bargain ever!
The IC-3 silver interconnect captured my heart! This is an absolutely beautiful cable that delivers incredible reliability and value. I immediately noticed the weight in the bass. This thoroughbred threw a wide and deep soundstage without being edgy. They offer dynamic performance of high-end boutique products at a substantially lower price. These will be replacing my Analysis Plus Silver Ovals!
BTW, I got my Piega P10’s ($11,500) installed while your IC-3’s were still in. Weighty, solid mids, very smooth top. You’ve a lot to be proud of with your cables. You really gotta wonder about the prices of all those boutique cables.
Kudos, Rob! Well done.; I would not hesitate to recommend these cables to friends and family. They are a fine accomplishment in cable design and I wish you every success. (IC-1 and IC-3 interconnects)

George B., Allentown, PA

I replaced [a major name brand cable] to the preamp with your (IC-3) cable. Since I only have some 30 hours on the cables, I don’t want to say wow, but they seem far more detailed than the [cable I replaced].(IC-3 interconnect)

Tom H., SLC, UT

The IC-3s are just outrageously detailed and extended, tight bass, good dynamics, etc etc etc. I’m impressed!They actually sound much better than anything I’ve heard from [my favorite high end cable mfr], including their [$359/m model!]. (IC-3)
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Jeff A., Santa Fe, NM

In my system the IC-1’s really shine. I listen to allot of late 50’s jazz recorded by Rudy Van Gelder. The IC-1’s help recreate that warm intimate deep feeling that is so present in these recordings.No question the single best improvement I have made. Soundstage, musicality, depth of field all improved. The IC-1’s offer a clear, articulate and detailed presentation. I had been using an interconnect costing about twice as much and the IC-1 excels at all levels. I will not be returning these cables. Just have to figure a way to add Audio Art speaker cable next!

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David E, Boone, NC