Silent Angel Bonn N8 Pro Ethernet Switch

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Bonn N8 Pro is born for music lovers who want to build the ultimate HiFi network and pursue the purest audio quality possible. The Bonn N8 Pro creates a HiFi audio zone to effectively separate your audio devices from household traffic. Eliminates noise, transmits the highly accurate timed data, reduces the impact from network broadcasting storm and latency caused by bandwidth-intensive activities from PC and other devices.

Eight gold-plated enclosed Gigabit Ethernet Ports with spaced out ports to physically reduce possible signal interference. Class-leading Radar-Grade internal switching power supply module, which is exclusive to noise-sensitive acoustic equipment. Perfectly timed data transmission. TCXO (Temperature Compensation Crystal Oscillator) greatly lowers network latency issues and jitter effects. An additional DC power jack (12V) to bypass the internal switching power module and to connect an external linear power supply for upgrade. A gold-plated ground connector (banana terminal) for a grounding box to further lower power noise. LED light switch which enables users to turn off the port status indicator. Class-leading clock receiving module for an external clock input. Two available N8 Pro models: One with an 10MHz external World Clock input, and one without.

Power Input: IEC (AC) 100-240V, 50/60Hz; (DC) 12v/0.8A at max
Power Consumption: 10 Watt at max
Ethernet Port: Pure gold-plated 1GbE RJ45 port x 8
- Silent Angel specialized TCXO clock module
LED indicator switch x 1
- Control the on/off status of LAN port LED
Grounding Port x 1
- Connect to a ground box to make the signal quality more purer and precise without interference
LED indicator:
Power LED (Green) x 1 at the front panel
Port Status LED x 8 (Light on when linked; Flash when it’s active at the rear panel)
Green: 1000Mbps; Amber: 100Mbps
Dimensions: 17.37(W) inch x 2.05(H) inch x 6.89(D) inch
Weight: 5.74 lbs

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