Silent Angel Forester F1 Linear Power Supply

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Silent Angel F1 is a reliable linear power supply tailored for N8 and Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. The aim of F1 is to bring the most real, pure and intact voice to customers. Zero noise, zero data corruption and zero power break-off, F1 is like a true forester to guide you to feel the touch of winds, step into sunshine and hear the slight friction sound of leaves. Not matter wave’s lapping or rabbits’ whispers, all sounds can be distinguished by your ears with F1’s supporting.

To fulfill all Hi-Fi requirements on stable power source and multiple output connector type, Silent Angel perfectly add multiple technologies into the Forester F1 Linear Power Supply, which includes a high-efficiency toroidal transformer, advanced fully symmetric circuit design, low noise MOSFET in parallel and EMI filter.

It is not only a power supply, but also a guardian for the music journey. Compared with cheaper power supply, the Forester F1 Linear Power Supply has a more stable electricity input to ensure the consistency and integrity of the music enjoyment. Reference to running test, ONE Forester F1 Linear Power Supply can easily provide continuous and pure power to TWO Bonn N8 Ethernet Switches simultaneously. The toroidal design approximately halves the occupied space and the weight of transformer comparing with the laminated design at the same degree. The improvement of efficiency is more obvious as well. The core permeability of toroidal design is higher than the laminated, which conduce to the electrical efficiency of transformer trend better consequently. In addition, the energy-saving superiority of toroidal design is that the no-load current is merely 10% comparing with the laminated.

Dimensions 155mm (W) x 115mm (D) x 58mm (H)
Device Weight 1.3KG
Input 230VAC or 115VAC 50/60Hz (with voltage selector)
Output Dual 5V@2A
Output Connectors DC PLUG *2, USB Type-A Female Connectos *2
LED indicators Status LED *2, Over-Temperature-Protection LED *2

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