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The new Sonnet range does a wonderful job of presenting even the most complex music in a natural and inviting manner with every ounce of nuance intact. There is no artificial sounding edge, no sense of a flat cutout image, basically none of digital’s nastier stuff. In some DAC designs, this type of presentation comes with a somewhat dark and muddy sound, but that is not the case with the new Sonnet range. Morpheus Mk II allows you to hear deep into the recording, as well as the recording’s quality.



Cees Ruijtenberg has started a new company, Sonnet Digital Audio. The renowned designer of the unanimously acclaimed Metrum Acoustics Pevane and Addagio DAC’s is back in full force and with his latest creation, Morpheus Mk II.  Sonnet and Cees were referred to Audio Art by a noted industry journalist who has “heard it all” after asking for a recommendation to an emerging and important line of digital audio products, with something special to offer. I’m glad I got in touch with them, and I can tell you without hesitation, Morpheus Mk II is a sonic mind-bender at its asking price. Cees and team have come to play.

What sets Morpheus Mk II apart from its Metrum pedigree, is an uncanny ability to offer a fast transient attack, and stunningly accurate image placement, without sacrificing the immense space, separation, liquidity and impact that made these earlier incarnations such incredible achievements in the digital audio marketplace.

Get ready for next level digital audio. Zero high frequency roll off, remarkable resolution of detail, and a room filling soundstage. Layers of instruments and vocalists abound, with each player and vocalist occupying an identifiable space. Bass is tight, tuneful, and deep. Treble and mids are crisp, clean, and clear with no harshness whatsoever. The presentation has lots of air, and lots of space, but with more weight, more body, more tonal richness and texture, as well as a more natural sense of the recorded space.

A Pure & Simple Digital to Analog conversion with Volume control

What more can you do after launching one of the best DACs available today? The idea of having a capable volume control to take the place of an analog preamp is always a big plus. However, such an attenuation device in the signal chain can also have a negative effect. After exhaustive testing, Cees discovered the best way to achieve this was to change the output voltage of the DAC itself by changing its reference voltage. The SDA-2, a new generation R-2-R Ladder DAC module was designed to get the purist voltage regulation possible. The result of this process is an extremely high linearity, right down to -140 dB, which gives Morpheus a realistic 24-bit dynamic range.

The Bottom Line:  Sonnet Digital Audio’s Morpheus Mk II is the perfect DAC to call your end-game digital source, at a price that is sending $5K, $10K, and beyond DAC designers back to the drawing board!

  • Balanced Non oversampling DAC
  • Two SDA-2 dac modules per channel in differential mode
  • Power supply 15VA 110/115V AC 220/230V AC 60/50Hz.
  • Power required max 8 Watts
  • Input 1x optical, 1x coaxial and 1x AES/EBU and USB
  • Output 1x stereo pair single ended 2 Volts RMS
  • Output 1x stereo pair XLR balanced 4 Volts RMS
  • Recommended gain of used power amp in variable gain mode 22 - 26dB! Frequency Response 44.1 kHz sampling 1Hz – 20 khz -2.5 dB
  • Frequency Response 192 kHz sampling 1Hz – 65 kHz – 3dB and 384kHz (USB)
  • Distortion 0.004% THD
  • Channel separation 120dB
  • Noise Floor -155 dB related to 2 Volt RMS
  • Output impedance RCA 100 Ohm,
  • XLR 100 Ohm Sampling rate Optical 44.1 – 96 kHz
  • Sampling rate Coax and AES/EBU: 44.1 -192 kHz
  • Sampling rate USB 44.1 – 384kHz Aluminum six button remote control included.

Dimensions 290 x 250 x 60 mm
Weight 3.2KG

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