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Michell Engineering's entry level TecnoDec shares design features developed for its upline brothers. Rare at this price point are features like a vibration dampening impedance matched platter, an inverted oil circulating main bearing and a free standing motor unit. TecnoDec is an unsuspended turntable utilizing technologies and materials found in much more expensive turntables, offering a beguiling level of performance at a modest price point. Now includes upgraded TecnoArm 2, and UniCover.

Pure Sorbothane feet inserts: These isolate the turntable from the supporting surface. Inverted oil circulating main bearing: Contrary to traditional designs, our main bearing has the point of rotation at the top of the assembly, not at the bottom. This orientation allows us to fully lubricate the inside of the entire bearing while the platter is turning. We achieve this by way of a modified Archimedean screw that we machine into the inside bore of the bearing. The oil is drawn from a reservoir at the base of the main bearing up to the thrust ball at the top, fully lubricating as it goes, it then returns to the reservoir via a waste hole drilled into the bearing spindle. Lubricating the precision parts of the main bearing in this way means that any potential for noise or vibration created by the rotation of the platter is avoided. Impedance-matched platter: The platter material was chosen for its vibration dampening characteristics and because sonically it is a very similar material to vinyl, so it has a very neutral sound characteristic.Free standing motor unit: The motor unit used to drive the turntable is completely separate to the turntable, meaning it doesn’t touch the turntable in anyway. The only connection between the motor and the turntable is the drive belt that drives the platter. This stops any noise or vibrations created when the motor is running, getting through to the sensitive parts of the turntable.

Optional Dustcovers:

TecnoDec Cover -- A clear acrylic lift off cover, which keeps your entire TecnoDec dust free.

UniCover (included with bundle) -- A great solution for the vinyl enthusiast with an open style turntable and no hinged lid, who wants to keep the essential parts of their turntable dust free.

Assembly Video

Weight: 4.6kg
Width: 49cm
Depth: 31cm
Height: 8.5cm

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