Dayens Ecstasy IVse Preamplifier

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Preamplifier has two functions which seems very simple, and they are: volume control and input selection. For that simple reasons we have taken great care in design of our passive preamplifier.

High-quality TVCs (copper windings) from Audio-Consulting and effective solution for attenuation with relays resulted in direct and natural sound of our preamplifier Ecstasy IVse.

In our preamplifier we are using relays with Ag + Au clad bifurcated crossbar contacts which are fully sealed for high contact reliability, and there is no loss in signal quality because of that. Mechanical rotary switch is only used for control of above mentioned relays.

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The active preamplifier Ecstasy IV is a result of a two-year development and a decades-long experience. It emerged from the need for the Ecstasy series to be rounded up and to offer an exceptional sound preamplifier, but for a reasonable price. Like most Dayens devices, the Ecstasy IV preamplifier boasts a clear and discreet design whose attractiveness lies in its simplicity. Simply put, it's a look that does not wear out and remains fresh after a long time.

In all of our devices, we use carefully selected components from reliable manufacturers, with excellent technical characteristics, but what is much more important, even better sound. Ease of use, short signal paths, robust power supply, separate control cards (digital part) and remote control of all functions are just some of the features of our latest Ecstasy IV preamplifier.

As always, we have listened to the suggestions of cooperators and users of our devices and we implemented an option intended primarily for home cinema enthusiasts. Ecstasy IV comes with a HT bypass option so it can be integrated into the high-end surround system.

Type: Active (solid-state)
RCA outputs: 2
RCA inputs: 5
HT Bypass input: 1
Frequency response: D.C. - 200kHz
Dimensions (mm): 460x95x300
Weight (kg): 6.5

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