Sonnet Digital Audio Kratos Mono Amplifier (Pair)

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Leave it to hi-fi audio mastermind Cees Ruijtenberg to design these small, but highly sophisticated class AB monoblock amplifiers. The fully balanced, 8.5-pound, footprint friendly Sonnet Kratos delivers 50 magical watts per channel into 8 ohms, 95 WPC into 4 ohms, and will persuade many an audiophile to never revisit the days of installing back-breaking behemoth amplifiers! These sweet-sounding amps conjure up the beguiling presentation of a silky-smooth tube / SS hybrid, but with the air, delicacy, spaciousness, fabulous nuance, and control of the best solid state has to offer. 


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The Kratos monoblock differs in many ways from conventional transistor power amplifiers. With the best tube hybrids as a design inspiration, Kratos has many similarities. Imagine an airy and spacious presentation but with the control and grip of a transistor amplifier. Disadvantages of hybrids is the problem of triode aging, leading to sonic degradation. To avoid this problem with Kratos, an input section with high voltage fetal transistors was created. As a result, the measurable properties are completely identical compared to triodes, but have the advantage that no aging occurs. The similarity is the high operating voltage, which ensures that these circuits work, with the result being a high degree of linearity. From the input stage, the circuit controls the output stage of a Class A / B mosfet. Only a small amount of feedback is required to obtain the correct gain, but at the same time this circuit also improves damping factor. A dedicated high voltage circuit is created, and the output stage is driven by a robust 400W power supply.

In addition to manually controlling the amplifiers, they can also be switched on and off using a connecting cable to Sonnet’s Morpheus or Pasithea DAC’s. Another switchable option called ""music sense"" can be activated by a switch on the bottom of the units, checking the presence of signal at the input, switching the amplifier to standby mode if no musical signal is detected for 30 minutes. This solution also protects against overvoltage, offset and overheating, with the amplifier’s state monitored in real time. All information can be checked on the luminescent blue display on the front panel.

50 Watt into 8 Ohms, 95 Watt into 4 Ohms
Class A/B
Distortion 0.040% THD
Output impedance 0.10 Ohms
110/115V AC 220/230V 60/50Hz
Frequency Response 10 - 230.000 Hz – 3dB
Slew Rate 100V / µSec
Input Impedance RCA 15 KOhm, XLR 60 KOhm
Gain: 22dB
Max Power consumption 400 Watt
Main Voltage 110/115V AC, 220/230V, 60/50Hz
Dimensions 290 x 250 x 60 mm, 11.5" x 9.90" x 2.4"
Weight : 3.9KG, 8.6 lbs

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