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Typical IT network switches/routers are designed with the sole purpose of taking data from A to B with a noise floor and precision that is "enough" for the rate of transmission.

Using the same 3ppb 25MHz OCXO oscillator as used in the Statement, individually powered by its own linear power supply and connected directly to the network switch chip, avoiding precision losses from using external master clocks. 2 independent Statement-grade linear power supplies with Mundorf Caps to power individually the OCXO clock and the mainboard, keeping the power path short with less opportunity for EMI contamination. Vibration was managed at 3 levels: Anti-Vibration feet tuned to the resonant frequency of the chassis, top cover treatment to convert vibration captured from sound waves into small amounts of heat and sturdy RJ45 ports with silicone connection to the chassis.


Input: 1x RJ45
Output: 3x RJ45

Network Speed



Mains Supply: 230V AC/115V AC - 2 x Internal Linear Power Supply
Power Consumptions: 3W when idle, 7.5W peak


Dimensions: 215mm x 342mm x 87mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 5 Kg

In the box:

→ PhoenixNet Audiophile-Grade Network Switch
→ Mains Cable
→ 2m Ethernet Cable
→ Getting Started Guide

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