AAC D1-SE2 Digital Coax Cable with BNC to Gold RCA

Audio Art Cable’s D-1SE2 advances the lineage of our popular D-1SE, utilizing an ultra-low loss digital coaxial cable, along with some of the industry’s finest 75-ohm RCA and BNC connectors, resulting in ultra-precise signal transmission, helping to preserving every nuance in your music collection. Upgrading your digital coaxial cable can greatly improve transmission accuracy of today’s complex and sophisticated digital audio data streams, by reducing jitter, and more completely delivering the data to your high performance DAC or processor. Compare the many features of Audio Art's D-1SE2 that make it a superior choice to optimize the performance of your favorite digital audio recordings, music and movies alike. Handcrafted one cable at a time, with pride in San Diego, California, USA.


Audio Art's D-1SE2 is a precision engineered, 75-ohm coaxial cable designed for accurate transmission of today's high definition digital audio signals. The design begins with a solid, silver-coated OFC center conductor to maintain a uniform 75-ohm impedance, and to minimize signal reflections. This significantly reduces data transmission anomalies such as jitter, which can cause myriad issues in your digital music's fidelity. The center conductor is encased in a closed cell foam FEP dielectric, for ultra-low signal absorption and loss. Noise rejection is maximized by an aluminum Mylar and heavy braid dual layer shield, providing 100% coverage and complete immunity to noise. A custom shop, hand assembled aesthetic, plus a high-performance Furutech FP-3-117(R) BNC along with an audiophile quality ETI LINK Gold RCA, expertly terminated with Cardas.


Furutech's precision engineered, audio grade FP-3-117(R) BNC connector is made from some of the finest materials in the industry today, and is designed to deliver the ultimate in high-fidelity digital data transmission. Rhodium-plate copper alloy body with Fluoropolymer PTFE Resin insulation.  α (Alpha) Eutectic cast copper alloy center pin, soldered with audiophile grade Cardas Quad Eutectic solder.QuadEutectic silver solder insure a beguiling musical performance.


The new LINK RCA Connector was based upon the venerable Bullet Plug from ETI-Research, but this time with added benefits. The signal pin is now made from pure copper for even better conductivity and performance, while maintaining the original's pin design.An aluminum housing makes this new design far more impervious to today's EMI radiation levels floating around every residential audio system. As a result, LINK RCA has very good EMI/RF noise rejection to keep your digital data signal as clean as it possibly can be. LINK's direct cable-to-pin connection, and star grounding make it an idea choice for digital coaxial cable applications.


A solid, silver-coated UFC Copper center conductor insures uniform impedance, and minimal signal reflections, both critical to accurate data transmission. The conductor is encased in a proprietary foam PTFE Matrix dielectric, offering an unbelievably low dielectric constant of 1.4, and the least signal loss of any material available today. The aluminum mylar / copper braid dual shield provides complete immunity to noise. Sonically, Audio Art’s D-1 Classic provides you with a coherent, musical balance and superior dynamics, while carefully controlling the digital audio anomaly known as jitter.

D-1SE2 Statement Digital
Solid, Silver-Coated OFC Center Conductor  
Closed Cell Foam FEP dielectric    
Aluminum Mylar and Heavy Braid Dual Layer Shield  
Single Crystal (OCC) Pure Silver Center Conductor  
Dual Copper Mylar / Braided Silver-Plated OFC Shield  
Woven Techflex Jacket    
High Performance ETI LINK Gold and Silver RCA's and Furutech BNC's  
Audiophile Quality WBT nextgen™ RCA's and Oyaide BNC's  
Audiophile Grade Cardas Quad Eutectic Silver Solder    
Custom Shop Assembly by Phil Martinez    

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