AAC D-1SE2 110 OHM AES/EBU with Gold XLR


Audio Art Cable’s new D-1SE2 110 advances the lineage of our popular D-1SE models, in an AES/EBU, 110-ohm format. Utilizing silver coated Continuous Crystal Copper conductors, with full shielding, a PTFE dielectric, and solid spacers to separate the conductors and to maintain a more uniform impedance. Tack on a pair of Eichmann Technology gold plated tellurium Copper Link XLR’s results in ultra-precise signal transmission, helping to preserve every nuance in your music collection. Upgrading your AES/EBU 110-ohm cable can greatly improve transmission accuracy of today’s complex and sophisticated digital audio data streams, by reducing jitter, delivering the data in a more uniform mannert to your high performance DAC or processor. Compare the many features of Audio Art's D-1SE2 110 that make it a superior choice to optimize the performance of your favorite digital audio recordings, music and movies alike. Handcrafted one cable at a time, with pride in San Diego, California, USA.


Audio Art’s D-1SE2 110 is a precision engineered, 110-ohm AES/EBU type balanced digital cable designed for accurate transmission of today’s high definition digital audio signals. This cable type is used exclusively in sophisticated recording studios where the utmost in fidelity is demanded to produce the most complete possible signal transference from A/D converter to digital tape. D-1SE2 brings this level of refined performance home as a connection between CD transports and D/A converters in hi-fidelity residential systems as an alternative to an S/PDIF 75-Ohm coaxial interface. Our design begins with silver coated Continuous Crystal Copper conductors to maintain a uniform 110-ohm impedance, and to minimize signal reflections. This significantly reduces data transmission anomalies such as jitter, which can cause myriad issues in your digital music’s fidelity. With full 100% shielding eliminating RF and EMI noise, a PTFE dielectric, and solid spacers to separate the conductors, D-1SE2 110 maintains a uniform 110-ohm impedance. Our custom shop, hand assembled aesthetic, plus audiophile quality, high-performance ETI gold plated Copper Link XLR’s, expertly terminated with Cardas QuadEutectic silver solder, insure a beguiling musical performance.


The ETI Research Copper Link XLR was created using the same design philosophies as the Kryo XLR featured in our upline IC-3 e2 and Statement interconnect cables, but with gold plating instead of silver. With conductive elements made from tellurium copper, and a gold plating that will not tarnish, Copper Link XLR has long lasting durability factors. Copper Link XLR also offers a robust housing made from aluminum, designed for superior vibration damping and high EMI/RF noise rejection. Over the years, XLR connectors with some type of copper have been available but the male pins typically have too much mass which causes excessive capacitance, altering the sound. Many of these XLR’s also have female connectors which are brass formed leading to sibilance and grain being introduced to the music! ETI Copper Link XLR uses tellurium copper for all conductive elements, ensuring maximum fidelity, and an attention to performance enhancing detail that results in the best connector choice always having the least effect on sound.


D-1SE2 110 Ohm is a state-of-the-art, balanced digital cable with compromise design. Silver-coated pure copper conductors insure improved conductivity, and solid rod spacers between conductors maintain a constant 110 Ohm impedance. It is 100% shield covered, eliminating noise and interference. Uniform impedance is achieved by using a pure PTFE insulation held to a tolerance of .002 inch (.05 mm) thickness. The dielectric is extruded under pressure for maximum consistency, minimizing VSWR spikes, a cause of jitter in digital signal transmission.

D-1SE2 Statement Digital
Solid, Silver-Coated OFC Center Conductor  
Closed Cell Foam FEP dielectric    
Aluminum Mylar and Heavy Braid Dual Layer Shield  
Single Crystal (OCC) Pure Silver Center Conductor  
Dual Copper Mylar / Braided Silver-Plated OFC Shield  
Woven Techflex Jacket    
High Performance ETI LINK Gold and Silver RCA's and Furutech BNC's  
Audiophile Quality WBT nextgen™ RCA's and Oyaide BNC's  
Audiophile Grade Cardas Quad Eutectic Silver Solder    
Custom Shop Assembly by Phil Martinez    

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