SuperMon Mini Speaker Pair

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MonAcoustic-SuperMon Mini-Acid Purple

$2,400.00 /pair

Compact Design with a Big Impact 

One of our latest offerings, the SuperMon Mini is a true marvel of product design.

Created by Jun Hyeog Seo (the founder at MonAcoustic and the chief engineer), whose jazz sensibilities and experience as a guitarist certainly come in handy, our product offering seeks to combine performance with a compact frame.

In terms of outer construction, the enclosure on the speaker is reinforced with the highest quality materials including a 6601-grade aluminum that promises durability thanks to its anti-corrosion properties.

Don’t let our condensed design fool you though, the SuperMon Mini marries top-notch build quality with unrivaled performance to deliver an audio performance beyond your wildest imagination/unlike anything else out there.


Metal Aluminum (Silver) and Black are in stock. Other colors are special order and are delivered in 3-4 weeks.  

  Contact us for details on the finish you are interested in, or simply place your order to start the process.

Introducing the SuperMon Mini 2024 by Mon Acoustic: Redefining Precision in Sound

Welcome to the next step in acoustic innovation with the 2024 edition of the SuperMon Mini, Mon Acoustic’s latest offering for audio enthusiasts who appreciate clarity and precision in their music. This speaker is designed to deliver a refined auditory experience, perfectly suited for a range of musical genres from the delicate nuances of classical compositions to the vibrant rhythms of jazz.

The SuperMon Mini 2024 stands out with its intelligent design, overcoming the common challenges of isobaric speakers. By meticulously adjusting the front and rear units and optimizing the cone material and magnetic properties, it ensures that phase cancellation is not a flaw but a feature, enhancing the speaker’s ability to reproduce sound with exceptional accuracy.

This speaker’s strength lies in its ability to articulate the subtleties of bass within its frequency response range of 60 Hz to 25,000 Hz. Rather than overpowering, the bass is refined, offering a warm and detailed foundation that supports the full texture of the music. The aluminum cabinet contributes to this by dampening any potential resonance, allowing for a pure and focused audio output that is true to the original recording.

Crafted with the precision that Mon Acoustic is known for, the SuperMon Mini 2024 is the brainchild of CEO Junhyuk Seo. It’s a compact device that packs a punch, promising to deliver a balanced and immersive listening experience that belies its size. This speaker is not just about listening to music; it’s about experiencing every layer and element in its most authentic form.

Embrace the subtlety and sophistication of the SuperMon Mini 2024 and elevate your home audio system with a speaker that blends technical excellence with a sleek and unobtrusive design. Discover the SuperMon Mini 2024, where every detail is heard and every moment is a pleasure.

Configuration: 2.5 Way Isobaric
Cabinet Material: Aluminum 606 Grade
Face Plate Colors: Silver, Pink
Bespoke Color: Available on request with additional cost
Tweeter Unit: Mon Acoustic designed AMT tweeter
Driver Unit: Mark Fenlon design 4″ harmonic driver
Woofer: Mark Fenlon design 4″ woofer
Frequency Range: 65hz ~ 25,000hz
Impedence / Sensitivity: 4 Ohm/ 88dB
Speaker Dimension(inch): 4.72/8.27/6.69
Weight(lbs): 23

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