Hana SL & SH Phono Cartridges

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The Hana SL is the most reviewed and awarded Hana cartridge to date.
The Hana SH combines high output with high resolution, courtesy of its special coil design and Shibata stylus.

SL: It is distinguished by its black body and a Shibata stylus expertly mounted to its aluminum cantilever. The Hana SL features tighter channel balance, greater channel separation, and improved high-frequency extension.

SH: Compatible with standard MM phono stages, a high-output MC provides dynamics, drive, and excellent stereo imaging. With over 50 years experience in cartridge design and manufacture, Excel Sound builds many of the most highly regarded high-output MC cartridges.

SL & SH Specifications:
Stylus: Shibata
Cantilever: Aluminum
Output Level
SL: 0.5mv/1kHz
SH: 2mv/1kHz
Output Balance: <1.5dB/1 KHz
Vertical Tracking Force: 2g
Trackability: 70 µm/2g
Channel Separation: 28dB/1kHz
Frequency Response: 15-32,000Hz
SL: 30Ω/1kHz
SH: 130Ω/1kHz
Suggested Load Impedance
SL: >400Ω
SH: 47kΩ
Cartridge Weight: 5g
Body Color: Black

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