AAC Copper Cryo Interconnect Cable Pair Gold RCA


Building on the success of our e Cryo Series cables, our new Copper Cryo RCA utilizes the same patented process deep cryogenic treatment to stabilize the wire's molecular structure, enhancing conductive properties. In your listening sessions, this translates to pinpoint sound-staging, enhanced rhythm and pace, engaging dynamics, and articulate bass performance. Copper Cryo also caters to hobbyists who prefer the natural and organic warmth that a pure copper cable delivers, while maintaining a highly resolved character. Copper Cryo IC features Viborg’s precisely crafted VR-109(G) gold plated copper locking RCA’s, and AAC’s new ultra-high purity, dual shielded OHNO Continuous Cast Copper (OCC) cable at its core. Copper Cryo RCA is expertly terminated with high-performance Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold Solder, and all conductive surfaces are treated post assembly with Kontak ECO3x Contact Cleaner. Fashionably finished with a durable Black Magic Techflex sleeving, AAC’s Copper Cryo RCA is hand crafted one pair at a time, with pride in San Diego, CA, USA.

Why cryo treat audio cables?


Audio Art’s cytogenetically treated interconnects move into a different realm with our Copper Cryo RCA. A patented process deep cryogenic treatment is designed specifically for audio cables and connector parts enhancing the cable’s performance. Music flows effortlessly through your system, into your ears with an absolute minimal degree of alteration. The result is a highly musical interconnect with richly refined tonal characteristics, resolved frequency extremes, improved micro and macro dynamic shadings, holographic spatial cues, and more! Copper Cryo RCA will transport your music to new levels of performance that will have your toes tapping, while doing so at factory direct prices free from consumer funded dealer mark-ups.


Viborg VR109G locking RCA Plugs are made with high-quality materials to ensure optimal performance. The conductor is made of pure copper, and gold plated for superior conductivity and durability. The housing is made of aluminum, providing strength and stability. PTFE insulation protects against signal loss and interference, ensuring optimal signal transmission. The gold plating enhances conductivity, reducing signal loss and distortion. The result is a cleaner and more accurate sound and image. Whether you're listening to music or watching a movie, you'll notice the difference in sound quality.

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Custom Shop Assembly by Phil Martinez        

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