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A Truly Magical Pairing! Rob’s Killer Man Cave System
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A Truly Magical Pairing! Rob’s Killer Man Cave System

The heart and soul of any audio system is a great amplifier and speaker pairing.

Front ends may come and go, and sources do provide their own distinctive elements to the performance but make no mistake -- a special amp and speaker synergy is what drives a performance audio system. Conversely, a less than spectacular amp>speaker pairing can lead audiophiles down a never-ending, and sometimes fruitless upgrade rabbit-hole.

Enter the Clones Audio 25iRX and Spendor A2, a match made in audiophile heaven! This 30 WPC remote controlled, purist integrated amplifier from Taiwan and these practically perfect British mini towers bring super sweet sounds into your room, in angelic fashion. This system has been performing its musical magic in my office for several months now, and I never cease to be captivated by its spell every time Qobuz, Roon HD Files, or vinyl records are queued up and playing.

Rich, ripe, and sumptuous tonal colors leap into an immersive soundstage along with gobs of detail, previously undiscovered nuance, and startling realism. Bass is big, full, nicely controlled and extended. Midbass accuracy and tone are toe-tappingly glorious. Dynamic energy and emotional engagement abound. The sound is neutral / warm, and endlessly unfatiguing.

Bring your sources, or let us make recommendations from our store, and beyond. Our Sonnet Morpheus DAC makes an excellent digital option as do Rega CD plyers, while the various Rega turntables and phono stages we offer are great dance partners as well. Other fantastic R-2-R DAC choices might include the much-lauded Denafrips Ares II or the hot new Musician Audio Pegasus.

If you are looking for a thoroughly enjoyable system for a small to medium size room, look no further! For a limited time, we are offering this incredibly special system at a great price. We would also be happy to help you round out the rest of your new system with complimentary source suggestions if you are building from scratch.  We've also got a very special cable deal to hook you up with, with the purchase of this system.  

If this system is beyond your budget, or if you were looking to invest more. If you have a large room to fill, or if you are simply looking for something different. We have lots of ideas to share and would love to hear from you.

Clones and Spendor. Musical Magic is waiting for you!

Contact Rob today to order yours!