Vista Audio Spark Integrated Amplifier

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When a company listens to its customers and has a mindset for continuous improvements sometimes even great products end up in the engineering lab for a detailed review. After several successful years on the market, it was Spark's turn to pay a visit to the lab!

The result is an integrated amplifier with more charm on the outside, more muscles under the hood and more finesse under duress. Fundamentals are still the same: oversized custom-made toroidal transformer, Mundorf capacitors at the input and time-tested circuit topology. Refinements come from higher frequency response of the amplification stage, increased filter capacitance in the power supply and strategically placed bypass capacitors which eliminate unwanted noises. The result is new Spark which drives woofers with more authority while maintaining stereo image coherence at higher volumes. Low noise, microdynamics and accurate tonal reproduction of the original Spark are preserved and strongly supported by a wider bandwidth.

Vista Audio's Spark is a proof that amplifiers do not need to operate in Class-D to be small and reasonably priced. Class-AB operation is free of digital artifacts and capable of driving wide range of speakers, over extended frequency range.

Low-key retro design of the front panel makes Spark an aesthetic fit with variety of systems and interiors.


** NOTE – This amp does not come with a power cable.  Message me to order a basic cord to ship with yours for $10

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Output power: 2x20W
Two inputs
Frequency response: 10Hz-80kHz
Class AB operation

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