Nitty Gritty Master 1 Record Cleaner
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Nitty Gritty Master 1 Record Cleaner

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Manual operation with a built in adapter for cleaning 45's, 78's and LP's

Nitty Gritty’s Record Master is a manually operated cleaning system, meaning the operator applies the fluid, scrubs the record and rotates the platter by hand. The Record Master has a built in adapter for 45-78RPM LPs, which allows for rapid cleaning of all size records!

Dimensions: 15"x9"x8.5"
Manual application of fluid
Manual brushing and rotation of record
Waste fluid drain plug on bottom
Vinyl woodgrain cabinet (black)
1 year manufacturers parts and labor warranty
1x "velvet" record cleaning brush
1x four-ounce bottle of PURE 2™
1x plastic record turner and 1 small whisk
1x 3-way adapter installed

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