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Classic Spendor Speaker Stand

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The Spendor Classic Stand has been created to accompany the bookshelf/stand-mount Spendor Classic loudspeaker. Each stand is designed to place each model to the correct height for the best sound balance in the seated listening position.

Available Models:
  • Classic 4/5 - $1,350.00 USD
  • Classic 3/1 - $1,650.00 USD
  • Classic 2/3 - $2,100.00 USD
  • Classic 1/2 - $2,525.00 USD
  • Classic 100 - $2,825.00 USD

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An elegant, practical loudspeaker stand that allows the most demanding listeners to realise the absolute maximum sound quality performance from their Spendor Classic loudspeakers. Every component is precision machined to ensure direct metal-metal contact at every junction with no flex or play at any of the mechanical interfaces between the individual components. Stands for Classic Speakers : 4/5, 3/1, 2/3, 1/2, 100.

Classic ⅘: Net Weight- 8.0kg, Height- 625mm, Width- 185mm, Depth- 153mm
Classic 3/1: Net Weight- 9.0kg, Height- 575mm, Width- 215mm, Depth- 273mm
Classic ⅔: Net Weight- 10.0kg, Height- 425mm, Width- 268mm, Depth- 326mm
Classic ½: Net Weight- 11.0kg, Height- 425mm, Width- 303mm, Depth- 359mm
Classic 100: Net Weight- 12.0kg, Height- 400mm, Width- 365mm, Depth- 418mm