Acoustic Energy Corinium Floorstanding Speaker Pair

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CORINIUM is the latest addition to the award-winning line up of loudspeakers. The culmination of a three-year project for the in-house design team, this brand-new, next-generation floor-standing model is set to establish further new standards in performance, design and value.

All the groundbreaking new developments in drivers and crossovers are housed in a beautifully curved and exquisitely finished cabinet enclosure. CORINIUM by Acoustic Energy is sold in a pair with the choice from 4 colors!

“Born from our desire to establish new standards in sound, design and value, the Corinium is the result of a three-year project by our in-house design team and myself. The brief was simple – to create the most dynamic, live sounding and musically involving loudspeaker we’ve ever created.” 
- Mat Spandl Acoustic Energy MD and Chief Designer

What’s the background story to Acoustic Energy Loudspeakers?

Mat Spandl Acoustic Energy MD and Chief Designer “The company was founded in London, England in 1987 with the creation of the now-legendary AE1 loudspeaker. The AE1 redefined what was possible from a compact enclosure by setting new audio performance standards for dynamics, power handling and clarity previously unheard of outside larger, high-end speakers. These design principals have remained enshrined in the company ethos to this day… British owned by music lovers, my team and I combine well over 150 years-experience and knowledge in the audio industry with a passion for creativity, performance, build quality and customer loyalty as core brand values. All our loudspeakers are subject to a rigorous design-process and carry the same DNA that’s run through each product range for over 35 years. New designs are voiced through an exhaustive listening process, with electroacoustic measurement used to verify each step. They’re then benchmarked against our historical references mirroring the dynamics, transparency, tonal accuracy and above all musical involvement necessary to warrant the Acoustic Energy marque. Right from the start the company has garnered hundreds of awards and accolades from the world’s Hi-Fi press. These and many other endorsements with critical acclaim from journalists around the globe help secure our proud, pedigree status as one of the most highly regarded brands in the audio industry today.”

Mid-Range Driver | 120mm Carbon Fibre cone
Bass Drivers | 2 x 140mm Carbon Fibre cones
Tweeter | 29mm Soft dome
Design | 3-way reflex loaded with curved RSC cabinet and aluminium baffle
Frequency Range | 32Hz – 30kHz (- 6dB) / 38Hz – 25kHz (-3dB)
Sensitivity | 92dB/m/2.83v
Power Handling | 200w
Crossover Frequency | 260Hz / 3400Hz
Impedance | 4ohms
Dimensions | 1100mm (inc. spikes) x 235mm x 385mm (HxWxD)
Weight | 40kg (per speaker)

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