Triangle WIFI & Multiroom Compact Streamer- AIO C

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Make all your old speakers and amplifiers compatible with the AIO Triangle environment. This is the strength of the AIO C. This small compact streamer offers all the features you need: streaming wifi, DLNA, multiroom management. Versatile, it includes an RCA and S / PDIF output to send music in digital or analog to your amplifier. Finish: Brushed aluminum


** Please contact us to place an order for the AIO C ** 

The AIO C network player allows you to stream all music wirelessly to your current music system. This small aluminum case contains an incredible amount of technology and features to bring your system into the digital age.

This small compact streamer offers all the AIO functionalities, you can listen to all of your music, whether it is from the largest streaming services, internet radio or even those stored on your phone or your local network from the ""Triangle AIO"" app.

Benefiting from Multiroom technology, the AIO C will transform your old system as one of the speakers of your network. For example, play music on your main Hi-Fi system with AIO C in the living room and pair it instantly with AIO3 speaker in your kitchen.

The AIO C can be connected to your network either via wifi or ethernet. It has a 3.5mm RCA and S/PDIF output to send the signal either in digital or analog to your amplifier.

Wireless network IEEE 8.2.11b/g/n 2.4GHz Ethernet
Wired connectivity Single 10/100M RJ45 Jack
Frequency response 20Hz - 20KHz
Power input 5V-1A
Audio input USB 2.0
Audio formats MP3 - AAC+ALAC - FLAC - AOE - WAV
Dimensions L3.15 x W3.15 x H0.79""
Weight 0.35 lbs
EAN Code 3660216005816