Triangle HIFI Subwoofer - Thetis 280

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The THETIS 280 subwoofer has a closed cabinet, equipped with an 8.25” driver with half roll suspension. Built on many years of Triangle expertise, this subwoofer successfully blends performance and compactness.
(12.5 x 11 x 11 in ; 18 lbs)


** Please contact us to place an order for the Thetis 280 **

The Thetis 280 was developed with two goals: to create a high performance, musical yet extremely compact subwoofer. The bass must be fast, clean and blend perfectly to any soundtrack.

This subwoofer instantly impresses with its speed and its agility. It will fit perfectly to strengthen bass in a stereo system and in a small home theater installation. The Thetis 280 integrates an 8 inches downward firing woofer with a half roll suspension and a very stiff diaphragm to avoid any distortion.

It includes a built-in 150 watts Rms class D amplifier that can reach up to 250 Watts at maximum peak power, providing impressive power and impact for a subwoofer of this size. The Thetis cabinet has been carefully designed to cancel any vibrations or disturbances to provide a truly involving musical experience.

An included remote control and a LED display at the front of the cabinet helps to fine-tune the volume output of the subwoofer.

Type Closed box
Driver diameter 21 cm
Phase 0 - 180°
Bandwidth 35 - 120 Hz
Amplifier power handling RMS 150 W - Class D
Inputs LFE, L&R high and low level
Output High Level
Dimensions 320 x 280 x 280 mm
Unit net weight 8.2 kg
EAN code (black/white) 3660216004581 / 3660216004598