Statement e Power Cable

Our enhanced “e Series” top-line power cable, featuring deep cryogenic treatment, and cable / terminal connections infused with nano-liquid for heightened conductivity.  High performance, copper-based rhodium plated Furutech FI-28(R) AC plug set.


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Deliver Instantaneous
Current on Demand

Statement e power brings a whole new level of performance to our highly regarded Statement II AC cable. Expanding on the original design with a patented process cryogenic treatment, along with Furutech’s Nano Liquid suspension enhancing current delivery at the cable / terminal hand-off. Conductive surfaces at the plugs are treated with Kontak brand cleaner, minimizing loss of current and power. The result is added speed, clarity, nuance, and a vibrant aliveness to your system’s presentation. Statement e is designed to deliver instantaneous current on demand, with absolutely no time domain hesitation, satisfying the demands of the very finest high-performance audio components and video displays on the market today. A distinctive Carbon TechFlex jacket provides an upscale appearance.


Statement e features three 10 awg conductors consisting of 1,386 individual strands of exceptionally pure, silver-coated OFC copper. A co-polymer dialectic reduces incoming differential-mode noise, and double-shielding provides complete immunity to external noise. A durable PVC outer rounds out the design.

Connector Options


Furutech’s Pure Transmission philosophy, and meticulous build quality create one of the finest AC plug sets on the market today. Creatively engineered solutions to EMI / RFI rejection, and grounding, significantly reduce distortion for a clean, stable transfer of current. Pure copper contacts and pins, precision plated with rhodium or gold, optimize electrical conductivity. The nylon/fiberglass body incorporates carbon particles that absorb vibration and resonance, while a metal cable clamp improves grip and further reduces mechanically and electrically induced distortions. Furutech’s patented α (Alpha) processing demagnetizes, and cryogenically treats the part, enhances current transmission, provides greater clarity and resolution, blacker backgrounds, and an improved sense of size, scale, and focus within the soundstage. FI-28(R) matches perfectly to the sonic character of Statement e.

Power Cable Comparison

power1 Classicpower1SEpower 1epower1 ePlusStatement eStatement ePlus / NCF
11 AWG UHP-OCC Conductors    
10 AWG Silver Coated Copper UHP-OFC Conductors  
Techflex jacket
Wattgate AC Plugs
High Performance Furutech FI-11 Series Plugs
High Performance Furutech FI-28 Series Plugs
High Performance Furutech Fi-50 Series Plugs
Deep cryogenic treatment
Solderless nano liquid enhanced wire/terminal connections
Kontak cleaner applied to conductive surfaces


Conductors:Ultra High Purity, 99.999% Silver-coated OFC copper
Dual Shield:Conductive Foil over Tin / OFC braid
Wire gauge:High Performance Co-Polymer
JacketingDuraFlex PVC over Textile Binder
72 hour Deep Cryogenic Treatment:Yes


We can provide custom configurations with this cable and are happy to consult to help you find the best products for your system’s needs. You can get in touch with us by calling 619-255-6451 or by emailing us through  our contact form.