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Our Classic Series power cable model features twin 11-gauge UHP-OFC conductors, and an 11-gauge ground.  Aluminum Mylar Shielding for superior noise rejection, and a durable PVC outer.  Quality Wattgate plug set. Hand built in the USA.


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High Performance
at a High Value

A high fidelity audio system will never reach its full potential with stock power cables. Our power1 Classic delivers a high-performance, high value alternative to cost conscious hobbyists. More startling, and lifelike dynamics, an expanded soundstage, additional clarity, and greater low-end control and extension are all benefits of power1 Classic. More life, more body, texture, and realism. power1 Classic is favorably compared to aftermarket AC cords costing many times more by respected industry journalists and consumers alike.


Using the finest high purity OFC copper in the world, power1 has twin ultra-low inductance and resistance 11 gauge conductors, and an 11 gauge ground. Noise canceling geometries, and a spiral wrapped 110% coverage aluminum mylar shield provide complete immunity to outside noise. The architecture allows for unrestricted dynamics and current flow. A durable, dark sandstone PVC jacket rounds out the design.

Connector Options


MiWattgate’s well regarded 5266i / 320i power connector set is reasonably priced, very well-built, and delivers strong performance. This plug set features a polycarbonate rear housing, and a glass filled, high temperature nylon front housing. Perma-lock terminals connecting the conductors ensure a quality electrical interface to the cable.

Power Cable Comparison

power1 Classic power1SE power 1e power1 ePlus Statement e Statement ePlus / NCF
11 AWG UHP-OCC Conductors        
10 AWG Silver Coated Copper UHP-OFC Conductors    
Techflex jacket
Wattgate AC Plugs
High Performance Furutech FI-11 Series Plugs
High Performance Furutech FI-28 Series Plugs
High Performance Furutech Fi-50 Series Plugs
Deep cryogenic treatment
Solderless nano liquid enhanced wire/terminal connections
Kontak cleaner applied to conductive surfaces


Conductors: Ultra High Purity, 99.999% OFC copper
Shield coverage: 110% spiral wrapped Aluminum Mylar
Wire gauge: Twin ultra-low inductance and resistance 11 AWG conductors, 11 AWG ground
Dielectric: High Loss PVC
Jacketing DuraFlex PVC
Diameter: power1 Classic: 16mm
power 1SE: 18mm
power1 e: 18mm
power1 ePlus: 18mm
72 hour Deep Cryogenic Treatment: power1 e, power1 ePlus


We can provide custom configurations with this cable and are happy to consult to help you find the best products for your system’s needs. You can get in touch with us by calling 619-255-6451 or by emailing us through  our contact form.

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dr.vinayaka.G Bhat

    I bought recently power1 classic cable from audioart. It is really awesome.
    1) worth the money you spend
    2) solid build
    3) awsome and sturdy connectors
    4) improved sound stage performance of my receiver Marantz SR6013 by 70%
    5) No regrets on my purchase
    6) An audiophile’s must upgrade

    Thank you Rob

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chandrajit Mukherjee

    Hi Rob,
    Received Power1classic two months back. Unable to connect it due to phase neutral position and paucity of proper distribution board and as per your advise custom made a distribution board and your dealer in pune helped me a lot. After connecting it I was just taken aback by the performance of it.Abolute magic!!! Now I have a much more natural sounding system with better dynamics and transparency,more detail,greater focus,refined soundstage,a tighter bass,richer and open midrange and clarer highs.Even in low volume I can get the detail and transparency as it is in high volume.

    Your friendly behaviour,customer support and product quality all are great.I will definitely consider your product in future if required.

    Mukherjee Chandrajit,India.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kurt Krenz

    Hi Rob,

    Well, now that I have your Audio Art power1 Classic cables on each of my components — Audio Research DSi200 integrated amp, Teac NT-505 Streamer/DAC, and REL S/5 sub, plus the recent addition of the custom Audio Art speaker cable for the REL, my system (which includes Spendor D7 speakers), has never sounded better!!

    Thank you!

    Kurt K., Bloomington, MN

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