IC-3 Phono Classic

Our entry level phono interconnect features silver-plated OFC conductors, with quality RCA or XLR termination options at the phono stage, and Cardas DIN plug, with gold plated copper terminals. IC-3 Classic Phono offers performance and value to the cost-conscious vinyl enthusiast.  Hand built in the USA.


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Bringing Out the Best
in Analog Performance

 IC-3 Classic Phono offers audiophile quality sonics, at an entry-level price, providing a high performance, high value alternative to higher priced phono cables. IC-3 Classic Phono will involve you in your vinyl listening sessions, with a transparent, detailed, dynamic, and smooth character. Compared favorably to boutique brands costing many times more by respected industry publications and audiophiles alike.


Multiple stranded, silver-coated OFC copper conductors insulated in an ultra-low loss foamed Polyethylene dielectric, in a low capacitance design. 100% aluminum mylar shielding provides immunity to noise, with an upgraded, durable Techflex jacket.

Phono Cable Feature Comparison

IC-3 Phono Classic IC-3 Phono SE
Silver coated UHP OFC conductors
Techflex jacket
High performance Xhadow Precision RCA or XLR
High performance Furutech DIN Plug


Conductors: Ultra High Purity, 99.999% Silver-coated OFC copper
Wire gauge: 20AWG
Dielectric: Foamed Polyethylene
Capacitance: 30 pf/foot
Resistance: .009 ohms/foot (each conductor)
Jacketing: DuraFlex PVC
Shield coverage: Aluminum Mylar 100%
Diameter: 8 mm IC-3 Classic, 10mm IC-3SE, IC-3 e


We can provide custom configurations with this cable and are happy to consult to help you find the best products for your system’s needs. You can get in touch with us by calling 619-255-6451 or by emailing us through  our contact form.