Musician Audio DRACO R2R DAC

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R-2-R network control decoding linear error, high decoding speed, low digital noise, not only to ensure low distortion of the audio signal, but also to ensure very low background noise music. Using self-developed and designed digital filters, which can greatly increase dynamic contrast, analysis, and more natural and delicate timbre etc… DRACO has a complete digital audio input interference that supports high-definition audio decoding and playback output. The digital input is equipped with optical fiber, USB, I2S, AES balance, and Coaxial.

Proprietary R2R circuit topology, in fully balanced design. @ $749??  Yes!

Multiple input interfaces to meet the needs of different groups. Using Alter master control, ARM High-Performance chip. Packaged linear power supply, o-core transformer. The power consumption of the whole machine is 5.6W. Power supply adopts a thick metal package and is equipped with an O-Type transformer. The linear regulator that can effectively isolate the digital and analog parts of the multi-level power supply can ensure low noise and stable power supply voltage for the DAC.

Inputs: 1x 12S LVDS via HDMI, 1x Coaxial, 1x Optical Toslink, 1x AES, 1x USB-B
Outputs: 1x Single-ended RCA, 1x Balanced XLR
PCM Output Voltage: XLR: 2.8Vrms, RCA: 1.4Vrms
DSD Output Voltage: XLR: 2Vrms, RCA: 1Vrms
THD: XLR: 0.0016%, RCA: 0.007%
SNR: XLR: 126dB, RCA: 111dB
Frequency Response @ +1/-3dB: XLR: 10Hz-85kHz, RCA: 10Hz-85kHz
Resolution @ A-Weighting: XLR: 110dB, RCA: 119dB
Consumption: 5.6W
Weight: 5.5kg
Case Material: Aluminum

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