Mini-2-Mini Classic

Mini-2-Mini Classic is built with our proprietary HPX cable, featuring 2 paralleled cables with twin 28 awg single crystal OCC Copper conductors in each PVC jacket, insulated with PE dielectric.  Left and Right channels are independently shielded with a braided silver-plated OFHC copper shield .  The intention of this design is for high resolution audio performance, multiple application compatibilities, and rugged durability.  Hand built in San Diego, California.


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Elevate Audiophile DAPs
& Portable DACs

Designed specifically for portable audio applications, Mini-2-Mini Classic is made using highest-quality technique for drawing copper, “Ohno Continuous Casting”, or OCC, resulting in a signal path of the utmost integrity. Independently shielded left and right channel geometry make for a noise free listening experience, with zero crosstalk. The high-purity OCC is insulated in a musical sounding PE dielectric. Robust construction is excellent for home or travel. Quality Amphenol connectors, and Techflex jacketing round out a high-performance design that takes any audiophile DAP, portable DAC, or powered speaker to a higher level of performance than stock cables.


Ultra high purity 2x 28 awg single crystal OCC Copper conductors per channel, insulated with PE dielectric.  L/R channels are independently shielded with a braided silver-plated OFHC copper shield, and covered with a durable PVC jacket.

Headphone Cable Comparison

Single Crystal OCC Conductors    
Independently Shielded L/R Channels    
Techflex No-Noise Multifiment Jacket    
Brushed Aluminum Y Splitter  
High Performance Eidolic Or Furutech Connector Options  


Conductors: Twin 28AWG UPOCC Ultra-Pure Ohno Continuous Cast Per Channel
Wire gauge: 25AWG Aggregate Per Channel
Dielectric: Foamed Polyethylene
Capacitance: 15.5 pf/foot
Resistance: .005 ohms/foot (each conductor)
Jacketing: Ultra Flex PVC
Diameter:  7.5mm x 3.25mm


We can provide custom configurations with this cable and are happy to consult to help you find the best products for your system’s needs. You can get in touch with us by calling 619-255-6451 or by emailing us through  our contact form.

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