AAC IC-3 Phono SE2 Tonearm Cable with Straight DIN to XLR's

$364.00 $520.00

Our Phono Signature Edition 2 phono interconnect features our award-winning IC-3 cable with silver-plated OFC conductors. For the series 2 design, we’ve added high-performance, rhodium plated tellurium copper Brio XLR's from Eichmann Technologies International to accompany a rhodium plated Furutech DIN plug featuring an α (Alpha) phosphor bronze conductor, and an integrated ground wire with gold mini spade. The highly refined Brio XLR offers superior conductivity, a long-lasting, tarnish free finish, and a robust housing with superior vibration damping along with high EMI/RF noise rejection. IC-3 Phono SE2 delivers a clear, transparent, tonally accurate presentation for your treasured vinyl collection. Terminated with audiophile-grade Cardas QuadEutectic solder, and covered with a durable, carbon color Techflex sleeving, Phono SE2 is hand crafted with pride in San Diego, CA, USA.


Phono SE2 phono delivers exceptional sonic performance for your treasured vinyl record collection. ItÕs a premium phono IC, with a custom shop, hand-crafted build and aesthetic that extends the proven performance of our award-winning IC-3 Classic Phono. Outfitted with high-performance, rhodium plated tellurium copper Brio XLR's, a premium rhodium plated phosphor bronze Furutech DIN plug, and expertly terminated with audiophile-grade Cardas QuadEutectic solder. The result is a remarkably refined performance for your analog listening that competes favorably with boutique dealer phono interconnects in the $850-$1,200 range.

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