AAC IC-3 SE Interconnect Cable Pair Silver RCA -- SOLD OUT!!

Our step-up series interconnect, featuring high purity silver-plated silver-plated OFC conductors with high-performance, silver plated copper Sound Connections Xhadow RCA plugs for a more neutral sound, terminated with audiophile-grade solder and covered with durable Techflex braided sleeving. Hand crafted with pride in San Diego, CA, USA.


A premium interconnect cable, with a custom shop, hand-crafted build and aesthetic that extends the proven performance of our award-winning IC-3 Classic.  Outfitted with  Xhadow referenc e RCA connectors, and terminated with audiophile-grade solders.  The result is a remarkably refined cable that competes favorably against dealer interconnects in the $700-$1,000/meter range.


This reference level RCA is one of the finest RCA plugs in the high performance audio marketplace.  Precision, simplicity and elegance are Xhadow’s hallmarks. The main barrel and rear-nut are lathed from pure aluminum rod-stock and anodized with a finish that is both durable and non-conductive. The contact assemblies are machined from OFC pure copper, then silver plated.  Xhadow RCA has a smooth and neutral overall sound.  **note–more widely spaced female sockets are required to fit the Xhadow RCA.  Inputs should have a minimum 5/8″ from center to center**

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