AAC IC-3 SE Interconnect Cable Pair Gold RCA -- SOLD OUT!

Our step-up series interconnect features high purity silver-plated OFC conductors with high-performance, gold plated high copper alloy DH Labs Ultimate locking RCA plugs, for a warmer sound. Terminated with audiophile-grade solder and covered with durable Techflex braided sleeving. Hand crafted with pride in San Diego, CA, USA.


A premium interconnect cable, with a custom shop, hand-crafted build and aesthetic that extends the proven performance of our award-winning IC-3 Classic.  Outfitted with high-performance Xhadow or DH Labs RCA connectors and terminated with audiophile-grade solders.  The result is a remarkably refined cable that competes favorably against costlier audio interconnects in the $700-$1,000/meter range.


This Ultimate RCA  has been refined by years of research leading to the introduction of an exclusive “High Copper Alloy”, 99.5% pure copper, with a conductivity rating among the industry’s best. Trace amounts of non-magnetic metals are added to provide adequate hardness and strength, with a gold plating process that is designed to maximize signal transfer.  This plug offers a warmer, more burnished character. A locking barrel ensures secure mounting to the female socket.

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