AAC IC-3 e Cryo Interconnect Cable Pair Gold RCA-- SOLD OUT!

Enhanced “e Series” interconnect. A patented process deep cryogenic treatment stabilizes the wire's molecular structure, bringing greater transparency, detail, clarity, pinpoint sound-staging, and more engaging dynamics. Solderless terminations infused with Furutech NANO Liquid Contact Enhancer, and all conductive surfaces treated post assembly with Kontak ECO3x Contact Cleaner. High performance, gold plated copper locking RCA's, for a warmer sound. Durable and attractive braided sleeving. Hand crafted with pride in San Diego, CA, USA.


The next evolutionary step of our award-winning IC-3 design, IC-3 e incorporates a patented process deep cryogenic treatment, and eliminates solder in the signal path. Furutech’s Nano Liquid is used to enhance conductivity and performance. The result is a highly musical interconnect with richly refined tonal characteristics, resolved frequency extremes, improved micro and macro dynamic shadings, and holographic spatial cues.


Furtech’s FT-111(G) locking RCA features a high-conductivity signal path, with a 24k gold plated alpha pure copper one-piece conductor, designed for minimal impedance. Every part of the signal path is optimized, resulting in an RCA that extracts every bit of performance from our new cable design, and exceptional sound quality. Non-magnetic materials, a non-resonant SUS housing, and screw terminals allowing for a solderless, Nano Fluid infued connection. Low mass, a silky smooth locking mechanism, and a stunning finish are hallmarks of this highly innovative part. Choose the FT-111(G) to add a touch of warmth to your IC-3 e's presentation.

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