Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your cables different or better than all of the other high-end cable products out there?

Our mission is simply to offer exceptional price to performance value, which we are able to achieve with our factory direct to consumer business model.  Our products are frequently compared favorably to cable models and brands costing many times more, and have taken up permanent residence over the 14 years we have been in business, in countless high-end audio systems of satisfied clients.

How were the designs of your products originally chosen?

In 2004 we contracted the services of legendary audio cable designer, and revered pro sound studio consultant Darren Hovsepian of DH Labs.  Audio Art Founder  Rob Fritz worked closely with Mr. Hovsepian’s expertise and input to create a line-up of exclusive cabling products.  Over the years, through exhaustive testing and listening sessions, Rob Fritz has expanded on our original Classic Series designs to create our SE, e Series, and Statement Series cables.

Do you offer a money back satisfaction guarantee, and a manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes! We offer a no-hassle 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and a 2 year parts and labor warranty covering any manufacturing defects. We also offer repair services for your cables, should any unfortunate incidents occur.  Order from us with confidence!

** Burn-in fees, and costs incurred for “free” shipping are non-refundable **

Do you offer cryogenically treated cables?

Our e and ePlus Series cables are deep cryo treated by Cryogenics International in Scottsdale, AZ, who perform a patented process treatment designed for high performance audio cables.

Can you burn in my cables prior to shipping?

Yes! We offer burn in service for most of our products. We use a “best on the market” device, the audiodharma Cable Cooker Anniversary Edition Premium Plus. Availability, pricing and time needed for burn-in are on each product page.

What shipping methods do you offer?

We offer FREE shipping with USPS Priority, typically a 2-3 day delivery, or USPS First Class (depending on weight), typically a 3- 4 day delivery.  We can also offer any method selected at checkout.  DHL Worldwide Express is also available for international orders. Please contact us for pricing and details.